Sunday, October 6, 2013

WOW and a wonderful weekend in Wellington

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Life has been kinda busy here so my poor blog has suffered with work and school holidays etc there is only so many hours in the day!

Just wanted to share about a fantastic holiday in Wellington with Ella last weekend. A few of you have asked where all the photos are so here goes - there are ALOT!! We went there to see this....

WOW Awards- 25 years

We flew up to Wellington first thing last Sunday - we being me and Ella and one of Ella's best friends Samantha and her mum Wendy and Lauren and Tia. So off we went for a couple of days in Wellington. Ella was very excited about going on the plane for the first time!

3 excited girls at CHCH airport

ready to board!!

Fantastic Gollum welcome at Wgton airport
Ella packed and ready to go to the zoo- Harry and Wellington packed too!

We arrived nice and early so were ready to go at the zoo just after 9.30 opening! I have to say the Wellington Zoo was just fantastic!! I hadn't been for 8 years and it seemed that everything was new- new exhibits and new animals and really lovely and helpful staff who also walked around with animals for the girls to pat. We timed it absolutely perfectly too as a brand new Australian Exhibit had opened just the day before where the wallabies and kangaroos just wander around - no cages - and are really friendly - Ella loved hand feeding them.

We saw lots of different animals that i hadn't seen before like the sunbears - Ella's favourite along with the red panda. I had never seen a pygmy marmoset before - they are tiny little monkeys that can sit in your hand! They also had a great cafe and playground and even a hospital where you can watch the vets perform surgery on the animals right through the windows and can even ask questions of the vets! It was fantastic!

such a cute hedgehog

awww cute!

patting a dragon!

The Sunbear - one of Ella's favs!

posing with the fav!

Enjoying Wgton zoo

feeding the kangaroos was great - they came right up!

loved this sign - it made me giggle!

First view of Wgton city from the zoo

lovely cheetah

They had a great reptile section

and a cool playground and cafe

Ella and Samantha

a pygmy marmoset - sooo tiny!

We headed back to the apartment to start getting ready for the 5pm show in all our finery! Ella looked so beautiful and i had fun wearing my new posh frock! I had been to the show before - most recently last year but it was everyone elses first time so they were absolutely blown away by the scale and visual overload on display!!

beautiful Ella

the three girls ready to go!

mum and Ella

There are a number of sections the first being the children's section . then South Pacific, then Geni- Creative Excellence, Weta Film and Costume Section, A mens section ( pschedelic sixties) and then the Open Section and Avant Garde- where it gets very weird and wonderful!

Each section has a theme with staging and dancers and music and is a full on show - with the models coming out usually 5 at a time on the rotating catwalks so everyone in the audience can see form every angle. The clothes are made from a wide variety of items - pencils - wool, zips, shells everything that you can think of!! It was a fantastic show- i loved the mens 1960's section and the Avant Garde  section with the circus theme that had trapeze artists, a contortionist lady and women flying around on hoops and ribbons amazing!! If you haven't been before i  highly recommend it - it is like nothing else i have seen - it is truly world class and proudly kiwi!And proudly from Nelson too originally just like me!

The girls loved it and didn't know where to look first as it was really sensory overload!! The models and dancers were fantastic! I can't wait to go again- Lucy has reserved her place next time!

On Monday we had rainy weather but still managed to get out for a nice breakfast and then went  to Lambton Quay and on the cable car. It was very rainy at the top so we didn't stay long before heading to Te Papa.
enjoying pancakes for brekkie

hitting the town at Lambton Quay

Going up on the Cable Car

Mum and Ella with Harry and Wellington

Ella showing Wellington - Wellington!!

. Once again, Te Papa  was amazing!! We were there for about 6 hours and had to drag the girls out quite literally- they loved all the discovery areas where they could play and explore- there were several on each floor and they had a blast! Loved the WOW display as well with outfits displayed from the last 25 years! 

The Fantastic Te Papa

the collosal squid- LOVed it - eyes as big as soccer balls!

Having fun at the Discovery Marae section

Beautiful Marae- Meeting House

Ella by her fav purple section

And the fav  part for me - seeing the WOW outfits up close and personal!

Part of the display celebrating 25 years of WOW!

love this Bizarre bra!

Ella playing with the giant robot baby made by Weta for Peter Jackson's Bad Taste movie!

Wellington from Te Papa

Before we knew it it was time to head back to town for tea and back to the airport for our late night flight back- exhausted but happy travellers!

Wellington enjoying his last drink at the pub!

Wendy, Lauren and I enjoying a  well deserved drink before heading home!

 Ella loved Wellington and wants to come back again. She was so good as i knew she would be - it was lovely to spend some quality one on one time with her too- not the easiest when you have 4 girls! A definite return for me!

Thanks for visiting today and making it to the end! Please leave me a comment so i know you have visited and can return the favour!

Back soon with some scrapping to share



Megs said...

looks like you guys had an awesome time away. LOVE the new dress!!! I bet wee Wellington and Harry are very tired after such an adventure!

Vicki said...

What a wonderful weekend and you both looked fabulous in your posh frocks. :)

Pauline Parker said...

So lovely to see these photos of your adventure together. You both scrubbed up really well!!! Have to say I really loved that soft grey tone on Ella, she looked very gown up indeed.