Friday, September 13, 2013

Scrappin Patch Spring Retreat- Part One

Hi Folks,

Today i wanted to share with you some off the page projects that i managed  to complete at the Scrappin Patch Spring Retreat! What a fabulous fun weekend of scrapping, classes, friends and fun! I managed to get 15 layouts done , a class , and 2 off the page projects that i will share with you today! The only thing i regret is that i didn't do Belinda and Hayleys Project life class - i need a kick up the butt to get my project life looking flash- but they will hopefully be on board for next time in May 2014. And the great news is that we may have our retreat extended to three nights - Thursday to Sunday - which would be Fantastic!

The retreat is held twice a year at the gorgeous Glentui Meadows- near Ashley Gorge - past Oxford ! Beautiful settings with nature all around, pigeons in the trees and hence intermittent cellphone coverage so we really are in the zone when we are there! The food is always amazing and i practically roll home - it always nice to just be fed and not have to think about and cook meals!

Here are some shots of our beautiful spot in the world...

the fab bunch at this years Spring retreat

Busy at work in the scrap hall

the scrap hall

accomodation wing- check out the beautiful blue skies!

I did the gorgeous Megan Gourlay's heritage class on the Friday night which was fabulous! Loved Loved LOved it - will post some pictures of that in a few days !

The projects that i was most proud of were my off the page ones as i  rarely do them! First up is a jewellery box that Simon picked up at a garage sale for me to decorate. I have used Kaisercraft - Porcelain Rose in beautiful reds and blues to decorate the box - both inside and out. And of course lots of beautiful flowers - the vine is sadly my last red petaloo one - i just love them!! Wish someone would get them in NZ!

And last but certainly not least - and the favourite of my friends and family was my party rock album that i did for Lucy's room. Party Rock was a The hot song of 2011- it was everywhere and Lucy and her preschool loved it and even had a dancer come in and show them how to do the shuffling dance moves.... Lucy had to have party rock shoes as well!!!

Here is a video of Party Rock if you need your memory refreshed!!

And here is my tribute to all the party rockers and shufflers out there- this one is going on the wall!

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Back soon with lots more to share!



Belinda Leen said...

these are gorgeous you clever chick! I love that Simon is out finding treasures for you!

Rochelle said...

That jewellery box is just so beautiful! I love it and I'm sure Simon was amazed at what you did to one of his finds! I think the record is just fabulous, I've just phoned Dad to get him to give me some of his old records so I can try one too. :)

Simon said...

A fabulous job on the Garage Sale bargain and the LP... I'm glad you told me which one you picked originally (-: could have been )-:

Vicki said...

They look fabulous and loved seeing the records IRL at the retreat too. :)