Saturday, June 22, 2013

Woeful weather and illness but also a layout to share!

Hi Folks,

Just another quick share of a layout that i did at the Scrappin Patch retreat in April. I still have loads to  share from that retreat - and no i still haven't been able to get near my scraproom to even photograph my recent layouts!! 

It has been a week of sickness this week. Lucy got sick on Tuesday and has been off school for the rest of the week. She lost her voice on Wed and developed a barky cough - and started to have problems breathing. A quick trip to the doctor on Wed morning saw her given an asthma inhaler- by the evening she was way worse and was really struggling to breathe - very scary. SImon rang the healthline and they called an ambulance straight away for her. So she got picked up by ambulance and taken to the 24 hour clinic - she was sick in the ambulance and again in the waiting room and getting really distressed. It took 2 hours for us to be seen - which i am still furious about - we were the only people in the waiting room and came in by ambulance - we should have been seen straight away !! I don;t know what the doctor was doing for 2 hours while we waited!

Finally we were seen and they diagnosed croup- she was given some steroids to help reduce the inflammation in her throat and we were sent upstairs for observation and for her to hopefully go to sleep. By now it was about 2.30am and she was absolutely exhausted - she just wanted to go home and go to sleep- her breathing got worse again - heartbreaking stuff when she started crying and saying things like 'MUmmy save me - i can't breathe...".

Another ambulance ride to CHCH hospital where we were given excellent care. We were taken straight into the acute children's ward and seen by a nurse and doctor straight away. They diagnosed croup too but nothing else they could do except make her comfy and keep us in overnight. She finally went to sleep about 4am from sheer exhaustion i think. We were discharged that am after another doctors check up and told to rest and Lucy not to do too much otherwise she would get out of breath. The staff there were wonderful and so nice. I will go straight there next time !

Lucy and i slept all Thursday to catch up on sleep- and she has gradually gotten better - her voice started coming back today and her breathing has gotten better. However Hollie is now sick and has the nasty barky cough too - hopefully it won;t develop into something else! Fingers crossed!

Other news this week is of course the big snow storm hitting NZ- we have had tonnes of rain and been very cold but the snow never reached us - we have had a  few sleety showers but that was it after such a big build up that this was going to be the worst snowfall in 20 years! Still better to be prepared just in case!

SO hence my scrapping and cropping has been non existent this week - hopefully i can get into my room and get some pages done. I think that since my room has been done i have scrapped less than before - there just always seems to be other things that i have to do and scrapping gets pushed aside!

So anyways- here is a layout that i did ages ago of my hubby - playing dress up as usual - this time as one of the Blues Brothers for his work party last year. I used the Prima Engraver collection from Prima and lots of trinkets from Nic Howard!

Hope that your week has been better than mine!



Vicki said...

Yes I can say my week was definitely better than yours and hope both girls are feeling better now. What a scary thing to happen and can't believe the wait you initially had. Not much snow here either but enough for a photo and yippee today there is no rain and lots of sunshine. Long may it last. :)

Megs said...

good grief what an awful time the two of you had this week! I too am astounded at the length of time it took for you to be seen!
We didn't get a drop of snow, just all the damn rain, thank heavens the sun is out today :)

Keren Tamir said...

Wonderful lo. But how scary not bein able to breath and being helpless as a mom. Wow I just can't imagine. In glad she's soon better.