Friday, June 14, 2013

Mum and Dad

Hi Folks,

Wow - 2 posts in one week! I am  trying to update more often!

This one is a simple one and quite flat for me! It features a rare photo of my mum and dad together. I just love this photo because it is so rare - but more because they both look so happy and comfortable together- you can still see the love and the comfortableness (not a word i know but it captures what i mean!) between them.

They separated in 1995 and then divorced and mum remarried and Dad has a new partner too but they are still really good friends and really care about each other. I count myself very lucky that even though they are divorced now they get on so well - dad checks up on mum frequently and it certainly has made my sisters and my life that much easier that mum and dad are friends. Any family gathering is no problem as everyone gets on - when mum used to come and visit she would stay with dad down the road!

Anyhoo- this is a layout that i did of the two of them using some of my older Prima stash- Songbird. I didn't really rate this range when it came out but it kind of grew on me and i caved and bought some- i'm glad i did! I love the softness of the colours and all the little birdies are so cute!

Thanks for your comments on my previous post - i love hearing what you think!

Keep warm



Cindy Gay said...

Nothing flat about it! Great picture to scrap.

Rochelle said...

Lovely that your parents can still be friends, it certainly does make like easier. A great photo captured for your kids :)

Anonymous said...

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