Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Big Reveal - The New Scraproom!!

Hi Folks,

Well here it is finally - the big reveal for my new scraproom - built by my lovely hubby!

Looking in from the door

Looking from the desk end back to the door- i love all my coloured boxes- ready to store all my layouts

The window side - just need to finsh that off and get the black curtains up!

My storage for my layouts- i started with albums but my layouts are so fat - i din;t like squishing them in albums so i started putting them in sleeves and storing them standing up in cubes...

My lovely big desk- i have a tendency to spread!

Simon converted this cabinet to hold shelves and hence most of my papers

My stamps and paints and other tools are all in this cabinet next to my desk

So there you have it - 3 months work to get done - alot of hours and hard work put in by my lovely hubby- MWAHxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It looks awesome and i can't wait to get in there and start scrapping - starting tomorrow night with a couple of mates ! Now that i have got everything in its place- i am ready to go!!

I did have a bubbles and nibbles at the grand opening a few weeks ago - here are some of my scrapping buddies who helped me celebrate!

Cheers girls!

I was also very spoilt and was given a lovely room warming gift from Hilary - a wee project to make for my room - a door hanger and lots of lovely products to decorate it with . So must do that thsi week!

Also the magnificent Megan made me this beautiful box - thank you soooo much Megan i absolutely LOVE it and inside were these gorgeous shoes that she made herself!! GORGEOUS!

Love to hear your comments about the room!! Back soon with some photos and a recap of my day with Finnabair!



Sandra said...

It looks awesome Francine, lucky lucky lady.

Trina McClune said...

Awesome room Francine!!! What a lot of work and love has gone into it. I know you'll get a lot of pleasure from it! Lucky duck!

Cindy Gay said...

How nice and colorful!

Dianne H said...

Wow. It looks fantastic Francine. Lots of good storage there. Happy scrapping.

Pauline Parker said...

It looks fantastic Francine, bigger in real life though. And now you have a new chair!!!