Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Hollie!

Hi Folks,

As i was gearing myself up for the last birthday of our household tomorrow i suddenly remembered that Hollie had been missed out! Hollie turned 4 at the end of March but waht with everything going on i completely missed putting some photos up of her big day!

As her birthday was on Good Friday this year - we went for a Brunch party for her birthday- with hot cross buns and instead of a cake - some beautiful cupcakes made by a very talented friend with a chocolate Easter Bunny on top. we kept it pretty small this year with just 2 friends and their parents as we had already been to Mc Donalds for tea the night before! And later that afternoon we had Nana and family come over for some more cake and food!

She had a lovely day and also another party with cake at Preschool after the Easter Break so she didn't do too badly!

Here are some photos of the big day and the big 4 year old!

Opening pressies

a pretty good haul of pink girly stuff this year!

she just loves her babies still!

Awesome Easter Bunny cupcakes

best buddy Callum

Beautiful birthday girl

Party girl at Preschool

Blowing out the candles on Cake 2!!
A great day and a great start to the Easter holiday weekend!
We swam in the pool - yes in April - the last swims of the season! Love this photo of Ella and Samantha - and the one that shows  how cold it really was!!

Freezing cold

Back soon with some shares from the retreat... and Lucy's birthday photos to come!


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Dianne H said...

Too Cute. ...and super cute cupcakes. Love the photo of Holly and her best buddie. Have fun at the last party.