Friday, April 12, 2013

Finnabair Fantastic

Hi folks,'

Back again to finally share about my fantastic day with Ana- aka Finnabair a few weeks ago. She has such a beautiful and unique style with lots of texture and layers and her trademark metal embellishments. You can always recognise her layouts with her distinctive style.

She was a fantastic teacher -  i loved how she broke everything down into easy steps and demonstrated everything as we went. She has done the same classes all through New Zealand and Australia yet each layout she has done is still different and exciting! She was very relaxed and would continually reassure everyone that there are no mistakes - " you make mistake - is no problem - we cover - no stressing in my class- is no problem!!" 

We  did the layout class first in the morning which was my favourite! As i said she broke it all down into easy to follow steps - there is alot of texture and dimension with lace, stamping, misting, paper layers , chipboard and flowers and metal trinkets and embellishments. We received a VERY generous kit with each class and i have made another 3 layouts using the product at the retreat last weekend! Alot of the products we used were her own designs from Prima.  I loved using mesh tape, washi tape and masking tape which was new for  me but was well used again at the retreat on some new layouts! I loved the fact too that she explained how she orients her page and where she places her photos and hence where she places all her embellishments.

Here are some photos of the great lady at work and us watching avidly!

Me and the great FInnabair!
The funniest part of the class was the tea staining part of the layout. We had all spent 2-3 hours carefully following her instructions to make our layouts look fantastic. Then she called us over to her teaching table and simply lifted a cold wet teabag and squeezed it all over layout and threw it onto her layout to make splashes! The looks on some of the ladies faces were absolutely PRICELESS! It did look amazing once we all got over our shock!

The second class was decorating a journal cover front and back. Again a very generous kit with heaps of product and enough to do many more layouts with afterwards. We could easily have done the 2 classes with one kit- and still had some left over! So top marks for that! It made the cost of $300 more worthwhile!

I couldn't quite get my cover to look how i wanted it to - so i got abit frustrated- i wanted mine to be more purple and pink with silver but it didn;t come out at all how i wanted. It ended up more greeny - yellow!! It was all the more frustrating as either side of me both Pauline and Megan's covers looked AMAZING!! But its all a learning experience and I obviuously need some more practise with the painting and mixing side of things!

Here is the layout and the journal cover that we made on the day...

LOVE how this came out

a close up to show the layers!

Journal  cover

Back of the journal
I would highly recommend one of her classes - you got a real insight into her creative process and it was alot of fun layering all the products on the page - it was very heavy by the end! Loved all the layering and texture and dimension on her pages. While the cost of the class was quite high ($300) for 2 - i felt that it was worth it for her excellent teaching, the generous kits that we received and all the product that she supplied for the class as well - like stamps, paints, sprays etc. It certainly came top of the class for value compared  to some other classes that i have taken in the past!

Back soon to share some more Finnabair inspired pages that i did at the retreat!

Birthday season is almost over - the last birthday - Lucy will be 6 on Sunday - is almost done. It is a long and tiring and expensive process by the time all the parties are done- but the end is in sight! Phew! As long as they have an awesome birthday thats all that matters!



Sandra said...

I love your journal cover, it looks amazing.

rochelle said...

sounds like loads of fun, such a unique style she has! :-)

Cindy Gay said...

Your layout is great too! Love all the pictures!

Vicki said...

Oh wow what fabulous classes - wishing I had at least done the layout one now. LOL. Had to LOL over the teabag - now thats something I can try. :)