Monday, March 11, 2013

A Stay at home mum that never seems to stay at home!

Hi Folks,

Hope that you have had a great week- i am in recovery mode today and taking it easy after a very hectic week last week. As my title says - i am a stay at home mum that never seems to actually stay at home! As well as more than the usual busyness - Simon was off sick all week and Ella on Thursday and oh yeah it was Ella's birthday on Tuesday as well amongst all the craziness!

On Monday i spent the whole day at school. I help in Lucy's classroom on Monday mornings (yes i am off today- i called in sick after catching Simons bug!) with storywriting and then reading and maths. On Monday afternoon i did an hour and a half presentation to Zoe's class (year 5-6) about Ancient Egypt since i have my degree in Ancient History i was talked into that one! So i had spent the previous weekend making some power points up and adding in some of my photos from when i was in Egypt in 1999. The presentation went really well - no one threw any tomatoes at me and i managed to keep them all engaged and asked them lots of questions too! At the end we played a game with copious amounts of toilet paper where they had  to make a mummy out of their classmates. They loved doing that- several kids asked if i could come again and do another talk! So that felt good!

Tuesday was of course Ella's birthday - see previous post for that one!

On Wednesday i had a class trip with Ella's class to the Eco Sort and Eco Drop facility at Wigram. They have been learning about recycling and reducing waste. It was actually really interesting and Chris the educator was really great with the kids giving them lots of activities to do. I loved seeing and hearing about the massive sorting machine that sorts all the yellow bin recycling. They use lasers, magnets, electric current and air to help separate the plastics, aluminium etc. It was very cool. Then we went to the Eco shop on Blenheim road where all the good furniture, books , electrical etc stuff goes to be reused. I have managed to score a couple of white desks there for the girls rooms very cheaply!

plastic bottles all squashed up 
Thursday was spent looking after sickies- Simon, Ella and Hollie- who had all come down with the tiredness lurgy.

Friday was another busy day... Hollie's preschool has been learning about the Year of the Dragon and the Chinese New Year. They have had the preschool decorated for a few weeks with beautiful lanterns and lights. Friday was Chinese banquet day! First of all they got the children to all make panda ears and then out came the black face paint to turn them all into pandas. They looked so cute!

all dressed up as pandas

Miss Hollie as a panda
Then the children all were treated to a fantastic Chinese banquet with egg foo yung, sweet and sour pork, fried rice, noodles, spring rolls and handmade dumplings that some of the Chinese parents had made! It was so yummy!!!!

Getting the table all set- they even had asian style plates!

Making dumplings

Some of the decorations...

Some more Chinese items

Hollie examining her plate- she ate most of it!

Ready to eat!

At the end they were all given a gold coin chocolate and the adults like me that helped were given a fortune cookie! It was great fun and the kids all loved it!! Our preschool is always thinking of great things for the kids to do.Today when i dropped Hollie off they were already onto the next project. Construction! A builder friend had donated all these amazing tools for the kids to build with. Hundreds of dollars worth of measuring tapes, hammers, nails, levels, pencils, saws,screwdrivers and safety tape as well as about 8 sawhorses all kid size! Fantastic! 

So that meant a return trip for me to preschool to deliver all the left over wood from my scrapbooking room so that they could start building straight away!! Watch this space for their mighty constructions!

So - not much time for scrapping at all this week - i did manage to get the cupcake queens house on Friday night for some scrappin but i think i was just too tired and it just wasn't coming together so i'm not showing till i have fixed it up!! I do have a layout to share from last Friday so will post that tomorrow or the next day!

And i leave you with some cute shots of Lucy and Hollie...

playing in the new roof space in the garage

Hollie at Hagley Park the previous week for their trip to the Floral festival

The penguins were sooo cute!

Thats all for me for now...Thanks for sharing my crazy busy life and for your comments- back soon with a layout to share i promise!



Vicki said...

Thats a great title for this blog post. LOL. Hope you and all your sick people are feeling better and that you get some time to just relax and rest. :)

rochelle said...

what a busy week, phew! a day of rest is well deserved id say :-) lovely to see you on Fri!