Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines and other happenings

Hi folks,

Just wanted to share a card that i made for Simon for Valentines Day last week. A card - yes a card!! I never make those so i was a little nervous although Simon is a good husband and would tell me it was wonderful in anycase!!

The day started off well with breakfast in bed on a tray pain au chocolat and orange juice with a red rose - not just for me but for all 4 of the girls too! They loved it! He is quite a romantic old Simey- he even sent an email to all the blokes at work to remind them! One person emailed back that our girls will have high expectations from future suitors- aim high i say!!

Anyhoo here is my effort at a card - using some very old papers from my stash... he got chocolates as well...

We had a nice Thai after the girls were safely in bed!

And in other happenings- Ella won player of the day at T-Ball on Saturday for her excellent fielding! well done Ella!

And on Sunday i took 3 of the girls to teh Halswell trains for the avo while Simon was studying for his course this week...

And progress on my room- it has been cleared out - hooray- carpet down and all framed up. The electrician comes tomorrow to wire it all up and then we can start putting the pink batts in and gibbing it up! Simon has marked out on the floor where my desk and shelves etc will be....

looking the other way to the pool room

I am really looking forward to going to my crop night on Friday - i am  having withdrawal symptoms from doing layouts - i am itching to get back into creating!

This weekend is the start of birthday season with Zoe's birthday pool party and sleepover and iceskating on Sunday - whew- wish me luck!!



Megs said...

I think looking at your card that its time you made more! its gorgeous :)
Go Ella! well done!

Vicki said...

Go you on the card. Great to see you both in the photos too. Its going to be a fab scrappy space and bet you can't wait to get into it. LOL

Dianne H said...

Super fun times in the Evans household as usual. Lovely card and loving the progress reports of your scrap room build. It will be awesome. Happy Scrapping.

Keren Tamir said...

well looks like you have been keeping busy!! love that card!