Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kiwiana Day and other events!!

Hi Folks,

Yes - 2 posts in 24 hours - it must be a miracle!! I had a cheeky email from "she who must not be named" that it had been 10 days since an update on her nieces so here is a run down with what we have been up to.

( scrapbookers do not despair - i will definitely have something to share after tonight!)

Of course last week saw the return of the school day - no more sleep ins and relaxing breakfasts whilst watching TV  for the girls!! iTS ALL GO GO GO!!

 Zoe is LOVING being back at school - she is queen of the heap this year being in year 6 and being the older more responsible kid with road patrol duties- senior choir and being voted deputy leader of Kydd house. She is in her element being back to organisation and structure and keeping busy! 

Ella is such a Simon - she just goes with the flow and is pretty relaxed about everything.

Miss Lucy has been the worrisome one- everyday so far she has been in floods of tears in the morning and just wants to come home- the poor teacher has about 3 girls that are in streams of tears everyday. Poor Lucy has been very sick with strep throat so has missed 3 days of school anyway - i am sure she will adjust. She loved school last year- she is a natural at school- i think that she might be struggling to adapt to an older teacher who is not so empathetic!! Lucy said that her teacher has " her angry voice on all the time!" I explained that it wasn't directed at her only people that were being naughty but she is still abit fearful! and comes out with pearlers like but" who will give me a cuddle in the daytime?"  Hopefully we will make some progress soon!!

Anyway onto happier events- Kiwiana Day!!
I decided (thanks to the brilliant idea of a dear brilliant friend) to have a KIWIANA day on Waitangi Day this year. Usually Waitangi Day is a day off work or school but is not associated with celebrating New Zealand or a great part of our culture - it is usually associated with fighting and protest (and justifiably so) between Maori and Pakeha. We never have a day to celebrate what is fantastic about our counrty like every other nation does. So we decided to fix that this year!! And another party is added to our roster !!

So the flag was put up the flagpole- flags decorated the fence and inside and we had our kiwiana table. Lots more was added....

We had.....

Buzzy bee, Footrot Flats, Wot Wots, Margaret Mahy, Hairy Macleary books, Barry Crump, Pineapple Lumps, Jaffas, Chocolate Fish, Hokey Pokey Icecream, L&P, Weetbix, Watties Tomato Sauce, Watties Baked Beans and Spaghetti, Whalerider and Lord of the Rings DVDs and memorablia, AllBlacks, Jandals, Hundreds and Thousands, Chips and Dip, Cheezels, Kiwis, Silver Ferns, Edmonds,
Sheep, Beetroot and Cadbury Favourites, Gumboots amongst others!!

Swanndri and some no 8 wire

the fussball table is always a hit - and pool table and darts!

Simon dressed up as Fred Dagg- gumboots and all

It wouldn't be kiwiana without the pav!

the pool had a good workout with as many as 11 in at a time

always keen to dress up!!
Naturally we had NZ music playing all day from Split Enz and Crowded House to Dave Dobbyn, the Feelers, the Exponents, Anika Moa, Bic Runga, Poi E, you name it!!

Another hit was a movie that Simon compiled of clips from Fred Dagg, Billy T James and all the best kiwiana adertisements- remember the Milky Bar Kid, Cadbury Cream Eggs, Crunchie Bar Train, the Toyota Bugger ads, the bulls riding in the car??? It was neat to watch them all!!

Here are some of my favourites....

Stubbies- L&P
L&P original ad
Crunchie Bar train
The Goodnight Kiwi
Toyota Bulls
Billy T James- Te News

and Billy T James and Waitangi Day - in a History of NZ

Billy T James - The Signing

Billy T James-

Billy T James

Hope you enjoyed seeing these again!! 

Would love to hear your favourites!

Back soon with some more to share!



Hilary said...

Oh Francine you are a legend!! It's very sad but true that Waitangi Day is not a celebration for us and I love how you have started your own tradition! Good on you. Love all the kiwi favs - but I bet Marmite was missing from the table of food haha!

Dianne H said...

Kiwiana Day - Fantastic idea Francine. Never a dull moment at your place. Must keep that in mind for another year. I love the way Australians are so patriotic on their Australia Day. I used to love the 'Good night Kiwi' add. Your music lineup looked awesome too.

Megs said...

Your kids Francine will look back on their childhood as one of the most amazing times! They're very lucky :) You guys are awesome!