Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Zoe- 10 today....

Hi ,

Well 10 years ago today i became a mother for the first time. My eldest daughter, Zoe , went into double digits today! I can't believe that she is 10 already - time really does start to speed up on you !! She is very like me in looks and mood-and the whole eldest child syndrome!! She is very sensitive and likes to have lots of alone time as she doesn't like noise - hard to escape in this house! I am very proud of her more mature attitude lately and how she is blossoming into a really nice girl- a tween!!!

She has had a wonderful day today and was very spoilt this year- her dad bought her a Galaxy Tablet all of her own. Now she can surf the internet, listen to music, play games and take her own photos- the possibilities are endless!

I love the expressions on her face once she opened it!!

We had a wee party today after school and cake no 2- with family- it was really scrummy too!!

On Saturday she had her birthday party and invited 7 of her closest friends over for a pool party! Thankfully the weather was fine and sunny and they all had a ball in the pool - walking the plank and having fights on the bridge!!

keeping cool in the pool


Nana and Aunty Lyn did a great job of the pigs in mud cake for the party - it was scrummy too!!

Love those little pigs in the mud!

make a wish!

After the pool party only 3 girls remained for a sleepover and to go IceSkating- they had a blast skating around to all the music and playing the games ...

getting the hang of it again...

It was a pretty full on weekend what with the party and festivities on Saturday and sleepovers and then a full days work doing the scraproom i am fair knackered! 

Oh well one birthday down - only 4 to go ... Ella next weekend!!



Vicki said...

Happy birthday Zoe - what a wonderful birthday weekend and the piggie cake turned out just right. What an awesome job :)

Pauline Parker said...

I just love that cake. Glad the day went well for you all. Now I want to see the cake embellishment that you could make!!

Anonymous said...

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