Sunday, January 13, 2013

Camping and other fun stuff

Happy New Year!

Hi folks- and a happy new year to you all!

We have been busy busy as you may have noticed the old blog has been abit neglected over the last almost 2 weeks! It has been a lovely hot summer and we have been camping and enjoying the sun- catching up with friends and family- all the lovely summery stuff!

Simon has started building a room on the back of the garage - it started out as a spare bedroom and snoring space for him to retreat to rather than the couch but as a friend suggested it would make a fabulous scrapbooking studio- at the moment i am cramped in a tiny room where i have to fold up the chair to get out! Lets see who wins this one!

This will be a very long and photo heavy post- i have scrapbooked though so keep an eye out in teh next few days for some shares then. I have managed to go get 4 months worth of photos printed- visited the lovely Hilary at Scrap It Simple to purchase some of the gorgeous Kaisercraft ranges that i have missed over the last few months when money has been a little stretched!! It was great to catch up with the lovely ladies at Happy Scrappers on Friday night and i was really happy with the 2 layouts that i got done - they also had a Stampin Up demonstrator come along so i made a nice card and even won the door prize!!

Anyhoo- here is a round up of our activities over the last few weeks especially for family and she who must not be named.. who is carefully cropped out of any photos you will notice!!

First up is Caroline Bay in Timaru- we always go each year and the girls love all the rides and playing at the beach and in the paddling pools- lots to do. we took Nana with us as well and Sarah and Markus came along for the day also which was great fun for the girls. We also met up she who must not be named and partner in Timaru for a few hours so they were able to join in some of the fun...

Pony rides are always a huge hit with the girls

Some of us braved the fast rides!

The Ferris Wheel- Hollie screamed the whole way round - we were all in hysterics!

Love that pony

the screamer

Ella and I braved the Round up!

The Merry go round is always popular with the little ones too

Having fun with Markus

Enjoying the beach at Caroline Bay

They had a blast boogey boarding in the surf

love the expression on her face!

Hollie doing some gardening

Quintessential summer!!

a friends new kitten

Lots of pool time- most of the neighbourhood come around each afternoon!!

Ella and Rosie the kitten- Ella has loved spending lots of time with Samantha over the holidays

And so to camping - we went to our usual spot at Spencer Park as there is just so much to see and do there. It might still be in CHCH but once you are there its like you are in another world! There is a lovely campground with playground and right next door is another HUGE playground and paddling pool at Spencer Park playground. A fantastic beach- an animal zoo, the Adrenaline forest ( we ran out of time for this one- and mountain biking at Bottle Lake forest next door to the camp also).

The camp also had a container waterslide !! There were heaps of activities running at the camp - one night the 3 big girls had a girls only sleepover at the lodge with a campfire and movies, Zumba each morning, and the water walkers were a hit with the girls too! There was plenty of room for T-Ball playing and a BMX track that they all loved especially Lucy - she spent most of her time there or biking around the camp... We had a great new tent with three huge rooms - even lights in each room as we had a powered site!!  We took our huge BBQ which made cooking easier!! The girls loved the whole experience - especially Hollie who wanted to stay FOREVER!

Another innovative use for containers post earthquake!

Ella splashing down

Lucy gliding down

The 3 big girls loved the water walkers

great paddling pool!

lucy entertaining her pets

view from our tent

Our campsite

our new tent

some tired girls chiiling in their room

2 girls who kept running away from the surf

the other spent all their time in the surf

Since we have been back its just been living by the pool- with lots of friends popping over for swims each day which is fun- Simon has been busy building the room- he is not looking forward to heading back to work tomorrow!

Lucy created her cafe one morning - she wants to be a cafe owner when she grows up!! She spent all morning setting up her cafe- with Hollie as her willing helper- she set out all her tables and set them up- she even had a beer for dad and a drink for me at the adults table- papers for dad to read- a WI FI connection so Ella could bring her computer- on the menu were drinks and cracker and cheese and then some biscuits for dessert!

Lucy's cafe

The staff table

whoops a rogue camping photo

Lucy's cafe and Hollie the waitress

Well - thanks for looking if you made it this far!! Better get off and tidy up after our party last night! The first of the English relatives arrived on Friday - welcome Cath and Phil!! so we hosted all the family at our place last night for a BBQ tea - there were 15 adults and 9 kids! The kids all had a blast in the pool and playing rockband- as did the adults !! Next week Simon's aunt and Uncle arrive from Manchester too for 3 months so we are looking forward to that too! i forsee some more parties at our house!

Well had best get off - hope you are enjoying the sun



Simon said...

What a fabulous holiday it has been...some major bribes required to steal the music studio off me (-:

Anonymous said...

Francine, no questions will be required by the teacher once Hollie returns to the centre, I am now adequately filled in! You always provide great kiwi experiences for your children and it is a delight to see the pictures. See you back in January -Raylene-

Sandra said...

Loved sharing your holiday with you and I see some fab scrapping photos there, I especially love the back view in 'love that pony'.

Dianne H said...

Life is full of fun and excitement in the Evan's Household. Thank you for sharing - love reading your stories. And so pleased you had a good day at Caroline Bay.

Hilary said...

What fabulous holiday experiences you create for your girls - it's just wonderful! It was great to see you the other day and catch up, I look forward to seeing what you scrapped with your new supplies!

Pauline Parker said...

Oh my gosh the cheek of that friend suggesting that room would make a good scrap space!! I can't believe how alike Lucy and Hollie are becoming...See you Friday?? for some scrapping time.

Deanna Anthony said...

Wonderful post! I loved it! It's always fun popping in to visit! Thanks!

Megs said...

Wow! What an action packed holiday they've had lucky things :)
GO the scrapping room!! :) major brownie points Simon ;)