Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa Party...part 2

HI folks,

So i am back with part 2 of my christmas post from yesterday...

Every year we host a Santa party at our house- the girls invite most of their class (lucy) and their best friends (the others)- this year we had 29 turn up for the big day..

For the first time it was a sunny hot day and the kids all loved being able to jump in the pool- it was a big hit- it was hard to get them out for Santa to arrive! It did mean having eyes in the back of your head to watch all the littlies and help them though as most couldn't swim very well so had to have rides around the pool!

They were very excited about Santa's arrival and one boy kept asking where the reindeer were parked!! They all loed sitting with Santa and receiving a gift from him before tucking into the feast and then the big kids were back in the pool for another quick dip!!

Here are a few photos of this years celebration - including the arrival of a special helper this year - Ella the elf- she was soo cute!

Santa's arrival

waiting for a seat!

Santa and his little helper

Ella the elf

Lucy and Santa

A coy Hollie with Santa

Zoe and Santa

Ella the Elf and Santa
It was a great party and i had heaps of kids come and thank me again at school the next day and say how much fun they had! SO that makes all teh work worthwhile!

We are off to the Shands road Christmas wonderland tonight- probably with half of Christchurch!! Bound to be more photos to come..... hee hee!

I had a lovely time at my Happy Scrappers crop night last night - it was great to be back amongst like minded ladies and have a bit of a laugh and do some scrapping! I finished the prep for 2 Christmas daily albums- one for last year that i never finished and the bound one that i have done for this year! Now i just need the photos to add in and it will be all done! I will take some photos tomorrow and show what i have done so far! Pretty pleased with it- off the page is not my thing so i am happy to have made something!

Have a great rest of the weekend!



Sandra said...

Well done Francine, I'll bet the kids had a great day.

Pauline Parker said...

Just love that special elf who helped Santa...wasn't he lucky!
Look forward to seeing those daily books finished..