Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Camera means lots of photos.....

Hi Folks,

so i have had my new camera for 2.5 days and have taken over a 1000 photos already- how is that possible? Life through a lens as Robbie Williams said! 

I have much to learn- the instruction manual is 286 pages!!! But i notice already the quality of the lens and the clarity of the photos in HD. Amazing. With a bit more practise i am sure that i can capture stunning photos! My new baby is a Canon SX50HS- with a 50 optical zoom and full HD. I didn't go for a SLR one as they are too complicated for me - i wanted a compact point and shoot but with a few whizzy parts still!  If this one has 286 pages how much would an SLR have???

Anyhoo - i promise not to show you all the photos- here is a selection from the weekend- i am bummed that i didn't get more of the girls ballet recital but i was busy helping on the night and the light was terrible!

So i warn you this will be a photo heavy post! And my first photo is .....

i said smile Hollie!!

miss Lucy

these are the faces that i get at the moment!

i particularly like this one!!

Miss Ella- i love how the camera captures their beautiful skin...
 These were the only shots that i got of the ballet recital/ hiphop show- but no doubt i will be able to buy some from the show that will be better! Hollie was a Christmas pudding and Lucy an icicle- Ella a hiphopper!

LUcy loved her beautiful costume and danced so well!

My friend Sarah took this one of me
 Sat- Ella has started T-Ball this year and loves it- i remember playing it at school and loving it too!

T-Ball at Hagley Park- ,love the sky!
 Sunday- pretty hot - it got upto 32 degrees so we spent the whole day at the pool back at the house- we were going to go to the Santa parade but it was just too hot so we stayed cool instead and heaps of friends over made it a fun day!
abit cold to start with

Even Hollie was in! The girls were honestly in there for about 5 hours!
Bath time fun....

Lucy the bath monster

Hope you have enjoyed my photo record of the weekend- watch this space for  some scrapbooking work - i have finally done my December Daily book- photos to come...

Thanks for looking and your lovely comments



Vicki said...

I think thats a record number of photos for a couple of days. LOL. You just couldn't go through December without a camera. Love the bath monster. :)

Hilary said...

Yay for the new camera! Love the pics :-)

Pauline Parker said...

Lucky you having a new camera. The photos look amazing and as for that cure bubble monster!!!

Shirley Pettigrew said...

I am so so jealous. That is on my Santa wish list. Great photos