Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

Hi Folks,

It certainly is starting to feel a lot more like Christmas around here- now that we are back in our house we have put up the tree and some decorations and had our annual Santa party yesterday and done some Christmassy stuff! This is to warn you that this will be a photo heavy post! And i need to remember everything so that i can finally get my December Daily done!!

I have almost finished it - that will be  my mission tonight when i can finally return to my Happy Scrappers crop group tonight! I haven;t been able to go for over 2 months now as Friday nights have been so busy with work do's, kids concerts and everything else going on - that my scrap nights have gone to the bottom of the list! So hopefully i will get it finished  tonight and will finally have some scrapbooking stuff to share!

Anyhoo - where to start? How about my daft hubby - who loves any chance to dress up - this is him as one of the blues brothers for his telecom work do...

 It never feels like Christmas until the tree is up...

This is the state of my scrapbooking room at the moment - a few hours to unpack and get organised - sorely needed!

Simon took Zoe and Ella to the lighting of the Telecom Christmas tree at Latimer Square on Saturday night and they all thought that it was pretty spectacular - so go check it out if you live in CHCH!

you can make a call to Santa from the phone booths and the call goes up the tree and out of the star on its way to Santa!

from inside the tree

On Sunday Ella and Lucy had their Brownies and Pippins Christmas picnic at Spencer Park- it was a gorgeous hot sunny day and they had a ball swimming and playing and having a waterfight!

It has been a busy week for school concerts and preschool events and final class parties- the girls finish school for the year today at 12- they can't wait to as Ella says "just chill out"!

Every year the preschool visits the local old folks home- the kids get all dressed up and do a little show for the oldies- they usually sing 4 songs and then hand out some shortbread that they have made at preschool. I go along every year to help and it really is such a joy- the oldies just LOVE seeing the little kids - their faces just beam with delight- it brings a smile to your heart!

The whole preschool with their amazing teachers

getting ready to sing!

This week at school they have their last school assembly and all parents are invited to come along.. its always a very festive occassion- they do lots of singing naturally and the choir performed 3 songs too. I liked Felice Navidad so will try to upload that sometime later this week... Here are some pics of Zoe in action...

That might have to be it for today as i had better dash off to school to collect the girls and deliver the teachers presents etc 

Will be back soon to share about the Santa party - it was a huge success with 30 kids again this year!

Till then



Sandra said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing the happy moments of the season.

Pauline Parker said...

Oh my gosh that little Hollie has a very cheeky face!!! Mischief could be her middle name.