Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Santa party....

Hi folks,

And so it begins the beginning of the Santa party rush... today Hollie and I went to Orana Park for the preschool Santa party. What a perfect day for a party at the park- it was gloriously sunny and hot - we had our own tractors to take us around the park at the start and the BBQ area to ourselves to enjoy our scrummy lunch! Then Santa popped in for a visit and had to rest in the shade because he was so hot!! He needs to get some shorts i think!

He was a huge hit with the children naturally and most of the kids did sit on his knee- they all got a pressie from Santa so it was generally smiles all round!

Very tiring but fun day out- had a good play with my camera - here are some of the best shots of the day!!

Hollie and Santa

I said to Hollie- "did you enjoy sitting with Santa ?" an she looked at me and said "its not Santa ..its DAD!!" No flies on her at 3 years old!! Ella was 6 before she realised it was dad an she still believes in the real Santa that comes on Christmas Eve.....!!

Hollie and Hannah on the tractor bus

Making friends

some close ups with my new zoom...

My fav...

Baby giraffe- only 8 days old- sooo cute!!!

Meeting Santa
It was a great day out - thanks Preschool!

Off to print out invites for our annual Santa party at our house for next week! Last year we had over 30 kids, lets see how many come this year!!

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