Sunday, November 11, 2012

Love - Part 2


Just wanted to quickly share another layout that i did a few months back using one of my favourite lines- Prima- Printery. I just love all the black and the neutral colours means that it can be used for anything. 

This one is a scraplift of Mistra Hoolahan who is a very talented scrapbooker from Australia who designs for Dusty Attic and Green Tara amongst others. You can visit her blog here Mistra Blog Sometimes you can find her work in Scrapbook Ideas magazine or in this case as i did in Scrapbooking Memories. On this occasion she had done one           of those articles where it features a simple layout then a more complicated one... well i loved her layout and thought - hey i still have those papers and so i had a go. Hers is just fabulous with lots of lace and sewing and other beautiful embellishing- this is my more simplified version!

I have been enjoying doing some more scraplifting lately as i run out of time these days... a friend of mine had a brilliant idea to cut out all the pages that inspired you from the copious magazines that we all tend to buy and assemble them in an ideas book. Well i had a huge stack of magazines and lots of layouts that i loved but once you have read the mag - it tends to get filed away and not looked at again. I would always think - what a brilliant idea- i must remember to do that etc etc and then never come back to it- so i thought right- out came the scissors and i hacked up all my mags - cut out step by step instructions or layouts that inspired me and stuck them all together in a book that i can flick through much more easily and use ! Out went the pile of cast off magazines- first to friends and then to the recycling bin!

I just haven't had the chance to get any real scrapbooking done over the last 2 weeks and my usual crop night was cancelled on Friday which means another month till i can get to another! It is always such a busy time of year- the girls all have concerts and events to go to and i feel like i am rushing around constantly with hardly a chance to catch my breath. 

This week will be spent packing up the house and my scrapbooking room (gulp) as we move out of our house for 4 weeks. This is so that EQC can come in and fix our house and paint it for us. We get back into the house around the 20th of December- just in time to unpack for Christmas! I have my mum staying for 2 weeks too from Monday so life will be a whirlwind from now till Xmas no doubt!

We are off to the Tinwald trains today near Ashburton for Callum's birthday party - the girls are looking forward to having rides on the old steam trains - back soon with lots of photos to share including some lovely ones of Ella with straight hair!!



Vicki said...

Thats a lovely layout and nothing wrong with scraplifting - I do it all the time. LOL Not sure I could bring myself to cut up my mags though but I do take photos of the layouts I like. All the best with your house repairs - its going to be a really busy time for you all. :)

Hilary said...

Love this layout! And yes I love Mistra's work too (you and I have similar "tastes" in our favourite scrappers!) I've also seen your ideas book and it's fabulous - so much that I've stolen your idea!

Megs said...

Gosh that layout is lovely! I too scraplift from time to time - sometimes it gives you so many ideas you had'nt thought of before. Awesome tip by the way, must give do it!!