Thursday, November 1, 2012

Choir Exchange and a Mini Album....

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to share a little more about the Adelaide choir visit. Our billet has now returned to the land downunder but it has been a fantastic experience all round. We were very lucky to have such a wonderful billet who was always polite and helpful and so much fun to have around. Hopefully Zoe can be billeted with her next year! We have already had a notice asking for expressions of interest for Zoe to go next year! I told Zoe that she will have to pull up her socks behaviour wise and start saving some money for the trip! It will be a fantastic experience for her to have and something fabulous to work towards.

They had a busy schedule while they were here - last Thursday Hollie and i went to hear them sing at the restart mall- and they did the same programme at the  concert on Sunday night. Here are some videos of them singing- first Hawthorndene - singing Dynamite, then South Hornby singing I'm all out of love and then both choirs together- singing Different People. If you have the time its worth listening to!

For those of you that know me i am usually a layout girl but i am trying to branch out a little this year! I decided to make a mini album for Jess to take back to Aussie with her. This BoBunny travel album was perfect as it had the right neutral reds and blues that i needed so that i could keep the photos in colour. It was a little bit rushed as i had to get it done on Monday after i got the photos printed. If i had had more time i would have added some ribbons to the rings etc but anyway - she liked it as did her mum when she got home!

Thanks for looking



Hilary said...

Wow your mini album is fantastic! Well done - and such an awesome keepsake for your billet.

Megs said...

That was such a nice idea to give to Jess! I bet she was pretty pleased with her thoughtful gift :)