Thursday, October 4, 2012

WOW Awards in Wellington.....

The Supreme Winner 2012
Hi friends,

Well - i am back after a whirlwind trip to Wellington to attend the WOW-Wearable Art Awards. I had a fabulous 24 hours in the big smoke with my MIL- staying in a gorgeous apartment right in the centre of town- a delicious Italian meal before the show at Courtney Place and then on to the big show at 8pm.

We had wonderful seats and an excellent view- the way that they have the stage set up with a centre and 4 arms means that wherever you sit you have a great view really! The performers move around the stage and on revolving circles on each arm so that you can see the garments from every angle.

It really was a spectacular show and i plan to go next year and take Ella along. I could imagine her sitting there - her little eyes out on stalks trying to take everything in!! The show was divided into sections- they always start out with the childrens section- this year the costumes had to have a conceal and reveal aspect to them- so for example- one was a cabbage that opened up to show caterpillars hiding amongst the leaves. Each section has been choreographed with amazing dancers and has a story or theme that goes with the section. They don;t just come out and parade around! The childrens section had lots of cardboard boxes  that concealed and revealed life size toys that danced around with a little girl- etc

The next section was the South Pacific section- so alot of Maori karakias and then a haka / dance with long sticks by a group of male performers and then female singers as the ethnic garments came out.

The next section was the Gen- I (simons work) sponsored Creative Excellence section where each costume had to make a noise- my favourite ones were the bell dress and the costume that had a harp included! So clever.

Then it was onto one of my favourites- the Illumination section where its all dark except for special lighting so the costumes all glow in bright pinks, oranges, greens and blues and yellows- so amazing and so much fun!

Then it was onto the Open Section where anything goes- my favourite and a crowd fav on the night was a red silk purse- 2 people with gold heads as the clasp - their outstretched hands as the purse top- they dances around and then pulled apart to open the purse- it was very clever.All the models were just fabulous- the way that they moved and danced to show off their garments was just mind blowing!

The Avant Gard section was very Twilight inspired with huge gothic chandeliers and hundreds of lighted candles with masked figures holding lighted torches standing sentry. These were some of the most far out and cleverly designed outfits - it was fun trying to guess what each was made out of - plastic, irons, rubber gloves, VHS tape, wool, you name it - it was there!

The big finale was the Bizarre Bra section- which was space themed- a rocket right in front of us and then a huge rocket came down from the roof with Flash Gordon inside- then a big dance number with amazing male dancers- then another space ship landed with the female leader of the aliens- cue - I'm Your Venus music and a battle which the males lose- and the bizarre bras came out!! It was very well done and the finale was spectacular with a good 100 or so performers on stage.

Here is a link to the story of WOW
World of Wearable Art Story 

And here are some photos of some of the winners- i liked heaps of others better !!

South Pacific Winner

Bizarre Bra

Illumination winner9 not as colourful as most!

Shaker Man

Childrens Section winner
Can't wait till next year now!

Back soon

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