Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to school.....and Ella- just adorably kooky..

Hi Friends,

Well - its the end of the school holidays and the downward slide to Christmas now begins in earnest!

We have had an action packed 2 weeks of holidays - not one jot of scrapbooking has been done- i sure copped some flak for that today at a dear friends baby shower- What- no handmade card!! (Not by her - but 2 other scrappy friends who had both made beautiful cards- oh the shame!!!)

But not scrapping has been okay- although i am looking forward to getting back into it and back to crop nights again to get the mojo flowing! Even Simon has noticed that nothing has been done ! 

I am looking forward to my Friday classes that i am starting to teach at school though! I signed up to take a group of  5-6 year olds for an hour of what they call Discovery activities - my group is doing scrapbooking obviously! Thankfully only 7 kids in my group! The first week we are going to make name badges - and i am going to take some photos of them- you have to have the right kind of photos after all especially for the projects i have in mind over the next 8 weeks. Should be fun!!

Anyhoo - so no scrappy shares today peeps - this post is a photo heavy one for family and dedicated friends who are interested! Full of holiday activities! 

I asked each of the girls what they would like to do in the holidays- so they all made a list- Zoe and Lucy wanted to do the usual - go to the movies, go see Granny in Nelson and go to MacDonalds- and for Lucy - do scrapbooking with me and lots of colouring in as well as the above!

Ella, well she really makes me smile- she is just adorably kooky in so many ways- this was part of her list

  • go to the rugby
  • go to KFC (she has only been once )
  • go to Burger King (again only been once)
  • ask Nana to come to dinner
  • go to the movies
  • go and see Granny
  • buy a bird called "LUCKY"   what the????

Following on from the above - the last day of school was a mufti day - so Lucy and Zoe pick out some of their nicest clothes to wear to school - what does Ella wear??

You just have to laugh right? Simon said to Ella - are you sure that you really want to wear that to school - people might laugh at you? I told him to leave her alone - she is only 7 and if she wants to wear that she should ( hoping that she won;t be teased). It is just SO her. So she went to school like this- minus the ears though- but kept the cape and the glasses. We got to her classroom and 2 other kids came up to her straight away and said " wow Ella you look sooooo cool!!" She was so stoked and i was so proud of her for being such an individual and not being afraid to be herself. She had a great day at school and not one person said anything mean to her at all- everyone just accepted her - which i think says alot about our wonderful school ! 

Anyhoo- she did have a dress up party to go to that night for Brownies - so the costume stayed on for that - plus the ears so she could be Super Bunny -  here are some photos of Lucy and Ella ready for their B party.

such a little poser these days!

Miss Adorably KOOKy!
So we covered quite alot over the 2 weeks - we all went to a Canterbury rugby match at the new stadium and watched Canterbury thrash SOuthland 84-0.

We bussed into town with a group of friends and spent a lovely day at Hagley Park- having a picnic and playing around... I had my little trip to Wellington and then it was off to Nelson for 5 days...

We did go to Nelson and had a lovely time there with Granny - i was a little nervous about driving there on my own with 4 kids in the car - but they were great - and they were really well behaved for me while we were away- the whole Friday till Tuesday night when we arrived back. We went to the Aquatic centre so they could go for a swim - they love the pool there- we went to Kaiteriteri for the day- to the beach and the rockpools and kept busy!

Simon managed to get all the bedroom window sills painted and our bedroom FINALLY painted- hooray! while we were away. !My room is now a lovely shade of grey (50 shades of grey baby!!) with beautiful black embossed curtains. He did a great job and i think it looks fabulous! I was a little over the whiteout in my room for the past 13months ( he had undercoated but nothing else) so now i am a happy lady!

We have had sleepovers and rockband contests and lunch out at a restaurant - finished up today with a party with Nana at home for my birthday. A yummy tea and lots of treats to eat! A great 2 weeks although we never did get that bird called Lucky!!! Hee Hee!

Here is a photo summary of the above!!

Lucy at the Park - photos by Ella

an Ella shot

Hagley Park

peacock fountain at hagley park

love this one of miss hollie that ella took

miss ella

ella and hollie

callum and lucy

Having a horse ride with Granny in Nelson

That horse ride was one of their FAV things

Zoe and Ella at the rockpools

Zoe loved the rockpools

a trip to Kaiteriteri - near Nelson is always a fav too

Beautiful Kaiteri

Granny and Zoe playing at Kaiteri

On Friday - i took the 3 big girls over to pick up dad from work and we all went to lunch at Winnie Bagoes. The girls loved it and the whole atmosphere ! Ella wore her first grown up dress so i took a few shots of her before we left- i remember when Zoe was the same age and taking photos of her in her first proper girls dress (not PINK mum)

so cute
Harry the teddy goes most places with Ella and had to come out for lunch too- Simon made him a special bow tie out of a straw and a napkin so he was dressed up too- must get that photo off his phone!

and ZOe looking very grown up

Thanks for looking if you made it this far! Back soon with some scrapping to share!


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Vicki said...

That was an action packed holiday for you all. Good luck with the classes at school - did that with a group of older kids and it was jolly hard work. LOL