Sunday, September 23, 2012

Family catch up...

Hi friends,

i have had a complaint from "she who must not be named" that my blog has been lacking in family photos and updates lately and just all that "scrapbooking stuff". So here is a long overdue family catch up for family members so scrappers feel free to skip this long and photo heavy post!! You will see some of these photos featured on pages soon anyway!!

So where to start.... well lets start with Zoe ... we have had a real run of Cub Scouts camps and activities over the last few weeks. Zoe has been chosen to be a sixer leader from the start of next term so had to attend a leader camp with all the others from our zone for the whole weekend. She came back tired but enthused about everything connected with Bear Grylls- she spent ages watching movies of his on Youtube and has constructed huts in the front yard made out of wood and then all the chopped down trees from the driveway. Tonight she is camping out in the back yard in a tent- yes on a school night and in Sept (brrrrrrrrrrrr!!) but she is well wrapped up and has about 20 blankets!! Hollie came out and jumped in with her as well when the other 2 were in bed - so we will see if they both go to sleep out there- i figure they will keep warmer with 2 of them. I'm half expecting a knock on the door at 4am to please come in to the warm!! We shall see!!

She has had another Cub camp and last Thursday we went to the firestation at Wigram and they had a great time with the water cannon and having a go with all the hoses and having a look around the fire engines. I learnt alot too - i so wished i had my camera with me but alas forgot it!! Duhhh!!

She has enjoyed playing hockey for winter sports at school- i can very prodly share that they actually came first out of CHCH for their Hockey A team this year- and more importantly won the team fairplay award as well as voted by the other schools! So very proud!

She is also continuing to enjoy her school choir and is earnestly learning new songs for their big concert coming up in October. The Hawthorndene school choir from Adelaide will soon be arriving so Zoe is very excited about Jessica finally getting here and staying with us for a week.

Sixer Leader Camp

Zoe with her rock pets she made

Ella has been quietly achieving as usual... she had great success at school this term  receiving a very special award at her school - A Smiler Sam badge. This is a very significant achievement at South Hornby school as only one child is chosen by all of the teachers to receive this award each term. Ella has earned this award for consistently showing the school values - excellence, love of learning, honesty and integrity , respect and initiative. Part of this award is also showing the Smiler Sam values as well.

Smiler Logo Image

So Ella was very proud to be getting this award and we were obviously very proud parents and loved seeing her face when she received it at assembly and seeing us there to watch her (its always a surprise for the children!)

So proud of you Ella!

Ella has also really enjoyed playing netball this year and was really stoked to receive a special medal ( just like in the Olympics mum!!)

Miss Ella Bella has also been busy practising her hip hop moves for her big concert (along with Lucy and Hollie who will be doing ballet). She is quite the groover our Ella! I can't wait to see her in action at the concert after watching them practise last week!

As for Lucy Goosey well - she has moved up from her New Entrants class into Year one and is doing really well - her reading and writing are amazing and she is also doing brilliantly at maths- she is going to be a real star at school. She also loved doing netball this term with Ella - and was also stoked to receive a medal!

Lucy has also been busy with ballet and also joined Pippins this term- after seeing all the fun that Ella has at Brownies. She has had a great time there making and creating all sorts of things! This day they had a mad hatters tea party and made their impressive hats!

Hollie has been enjoying preschool and making lots of friends there but her best mate is Callum so we spend all day on Tuesday with Callum and Jo- going to playgroup and the park and take it in turns to have lunch at our houses! This Thursday Jo and I took Hollie and Callum to see the Wiggles! They have been soo excited for months and the big day finally arrived. They Absolutley LOVED it- they were just so gorgeous jumping up and down and dancing non stop!! By the end of the show they had run out of steam though- so cute- asleep in the car on the way home!
Ready to go in...

The Wiggles come on stage in their big  red car!

Captain Feathersword and Murray

My fav- Anthony the blue wiggle who is staying on while the other 3 retire

Greg who retired - so Sam could take over as the yellow wiggle- then came back for a few months to only retire again... feel sorry for Sam he could have just stayed!

Wags the Dog

Henry the Octopus

Hollie and Callums fav- Dorothy the Dinosaur

The three new wiggles - Lachie- purple, Emma- yes a girl wiggle in yellow and Simon in red

you should have seen Hollie's face when Dorothy came out in a ballet tutu!!

I saw the Wiggles with Zoe - 7 years ago and yes you can tell they have gotten alot older- certainly less dancing and alot slower pace now!! So it will be great to have some younguns who can dance around a lot more- i am sure that the Wiggles will carry on- after all - the kids really only remember the colours really!!

And lastly just wanted to share some cute photos of Hollie and Callum in the daffodils at Hagley Park when we bussed in one Tuesday on one of our trips... I love these photos- the kiss and then the instant wipe!!

If you have made it this far - you deserve a medal too!!

Back soon with lots more scrapbooking to share


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It is always a delight to see the pics and read about the girls and your busy household. And of course I enjoy the inspiration from your wonderful layouts of these gorgeous photos. Thanks for the update.