Monday, August 6, 2012

Nic Howard - Week 4....

Hi Everyone,

Week 4 with Nic Howard in my Dimensional Details class was a real  challenge for me! This week was about inking and using paint behind your photos- a multi photo challenge and an extra multi photo challenge as well. I can't say that i am that pleased  with either layout - not really my style but i am happy to have got these stories scrapped!

The first features Ella who is quite clumsy at  the best of times! The girls were creating some painting masterpieces outside one day and i was inside and i hear Ella - say "uh oh.... oh no..... MUUUUMMM!!" Sure enough when i investigate here is Ella with a paint pot stuck on her hand- like well and truly stuck! When i asked her how that happened- she said' i just leaned over and somehow my hand went in the pot and got stuck!!" i really did say - "hang on - i need to take a photo of this!! "Ohhh Ella - you are  such a lovable klutz!!

Ella well and truly stuck!

The next layout features 5 photos and stars Lucy at the preschool Matariki concert. As you can see by the photos she isn't lacking in enthusiasm! Again very different for me - but i guess that that is what the class is about - stretching those boundaries and doing things that you normally wouldn't!

Matariki celebrations
Thanks for looking and your comments- i appreciate each and every one!


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Hilary said...

Awesome layouts! Well done for stretching your creativity on these :-)