Sunday, July 22, 2012

You Two....


You remember that i have mentioned previously that i have enrolled for Nic Howards Dimensional Details class at Big Picture scrapbooking. well i have been beavering away completing my assignments each week for my class and realised that i hadn't shared any on my blog yet! So the following layout was for week one of the class - we were focussing on ripping, tearing, distressing and curling our pages so it was right up my alley! I loved the example layout that Nic gives us each week that i actually ended up doing 2 layouts for the first week! One girly and one boy one- so without further ado here is the girly one featuring some Prima Printery and Zoe and Ella having fun dressing up in my good dresses! lots of layering and clustering on this one!

Love this photo of my 2 big girls

one cluster

Not looking forward to tomorrow as i have to make the trek over to Harvey Normans to finally get some photos done- i haven't printed any since March so have 2 birthdays and a tonne of photos to get printed which always takes me HOURS to get done at those machines! Nevermind -  will be worth it!

I spent the day today learning how to put hair extensions in - my friend has her own salon and flew 2 reps down from Auckland to train me and 2 others so that we can help do hair extensions at the salon. I was abit nervous as i am not a hairdresser but picked it up fine - just need some more practise to get faster - it looks great though especially if you have straight and thin hair- not me- so i got some funky purple hair extensions put in! Next weekend i am taking the girls back to get hair cuts and so me and Aud can practise as you hae to have 2 people doing it at the same time. the girls are very excited about being able to have hair extensions in - although they will just get a couple each! So expect some rainbow hair photos next weekend!

Leave me some love and let me know what you think of my layouts this week - i have lots to share that i have made for my class!

Have a great week



Vicki said...

Am a big "Nic" fan and you have so got her style down pat. Sounds like an awesome class. LOL over the extensions for the girls - they will just love that. :)

Megan said...

I love your layout - you're making me wish I was'nt going away so I had time to do it!
So wheres the photo of your hair extension?

rarsberry said...

The layout is gorgous, love that Printery paper.
The girls will love the fun colours in their hair.

Today for Tomorrow said...

Another stunning layout. Love it all. The class sounds like fun. All the best.