Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Holiday in Sunny Nelson!!!l

Hi Everyone,

Well we are back happy and refreshed after a week long break in beautiful sunny Nelson. It was truly glorious weather , blue skies and sunny and warm every day! It really lifted all our spirits to see the sun and blue sky after such a horrible grey cold winter so far in CHCH- you forget how grim CHCH can be - in Nelson it was like another world and not winter at all!

We had a really lovely time catching up with Granny and Grandad too and all the girls were soo good and well behaved- they all slept well too which helped ! On one day they just chilled and i got to just sit and read a book in the sun on the balcony - that was a miracle in itself - without any one saying MUUUUMMMMM!! every 2 minutes!

We spent alot of time at the beach and outside naturally since the weather was so nice - we even went to Golden Bay for a day and went to Pupu SPrings and Wharariki Beach with some huge sand dunes! One day we went biking with Grandad along the railway reserve bike track which was heaps of fun too!

Please be warned that this is a VERY long and photo heavy post! Lots of lovely photos of our holiday to share and for me to look back and remember!

Off to scrapbooking tomorrow night after a 2 week break during the school holidays and then a whole day on Sat almost to catch up! I started the Nic Howard Dimensional Details class at Big Picture Scrapbooking and can't wait to get started - tonight is week 2's assignment so i plan to get the pre class assignment and week one and two done over the Friday night and Saturday so will share those layouts when they are done and dusted!

Anyhoo here is a photo journal of our lovely stay in Nelson.......

all the lovely snow at Lewis Pass

Tahunanui Beach

a new option for Movember

Lucy in her element

lots of driftwood structures on the beach to build

Miss Ella

Lucy building her boat

Beautiful beach days and glorious mountains behind

Sandcastle competition- Zoe's armchair

Our competition- a volcano

Zoe in her completed armchair with TV

Having fun at the beach playground that i used to play on as a kid!!

even the same train - still there!

Lucy and her wombat that went everywhere with us for the first few days

Love this photo

Having fun in the sun and the sand

love her expression!!

a visit to Natureland is always a must

wanted to kidnap this goat- i love goats and this one was particularly cute!

lots of beautiful birds

Enjoying the model train rides

Pupu Springs- Golden Bay

The maon springs

Enjoying the bush walks- Ella was stoked to find a REAL silver fern

Beautiful Wharariki Beach at Farewell Spit

Huge sand dunes - great for sliding down

Ella and Lucy ready to go...

Wharariki Beach

Notice Zoe's new hair cut - one night i just chopped it all off - no more fuss washing her hair now!!

These horses were hilarious- we gave them some apples and they followed us around and back to the car ..

then came right in the car!!!

Beautiful views from mums balcony over Nelson 

just beautiful

Bike riding with Grandad

Ella had a blast

me ,dad, Zoe and Ella biked about 6km along the track and back

Grandad and girls

we went home via Kaikoura so we could see the seals

If you have made it this far - well done and thank you!!

Back soon to share some scrapbooking and make sure you check back on Monday for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!


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Hilary said...

OMGosh that train is still there? I played in it when I was a kid too! I note they've painted the rocking horse a different colour. And I just luuurve Wharariki Beach, it's one of my most fav places in Golden Bay (we used to spend summer holidays in the bay every year). Thanks for sharing your fab photos, hope to see you tomorrow night!