Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Ballerina - Miss Hollie

Hi Everyone,

Just had to post some gorgeous photos of my wee baby ballerina! Hollie started her first ballet class today and looked sooo cute- she absolutely loved it and joined in with no problems - aside from the occasional runs across to mum for a kiss of reassurance!

 The teacher has the little girls well sorted with dancing with pink scarves and then with pink fairy wands and doing leaps over crocodile toys - its great fun! They have started to practise for the end of year show- the little preschool ballet classes like Hollie are going to be dressed up as little Xmas puddings- with custard collars and holly sprigs on their little hats - will look cute!! Lucy is going to be an icicle- with lots of blue and diamond blingy things!! Can't wait to see the show- of course Ella will be performing as well as part of her hip hop class- their routine looks very funky too!

Anyhoo - here are some photos- not the best light in the studio so hopefully they will come out okay!

just a wee bit excited!!!!

And here is a short video of them practising for the show...

and  if you have made it this far - well done!!

Will post the Nic Howard double pager tomorrow....


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rarsberry said...

Very cute, looks like she is having a great time.