Sunday, June 3, 2012

Long LIve the Queen!! Diamond Jubilee Celebrations!

This weekend is of course Queens Birthday when New Zealand celebrates the Queens Birthday (although her actual birthday is in April!) We get Monday off work and school as its a stat Holiday here in NZ. This year we are celebrating the fact that it is the Queens Diamond Jubilee ( 60 Years as the Queen of England and the Commonwealth) so we thought that we would have a "high tea" this afternoon to celebrate the day. We think that it is important for the girls to understand why we celebrate this day and the importance of the Queen to many in NZ and around the world - and the fact that it is such a huge part of the girls history and culture as Simon's mum and dad are English and immigrated here in 1960- most of the family is still back in Manchester and we keep in touch with many of them - Hi Aunty Lyn and Uncle David! Simon lived with them in 1998-99 and met all of the extended family ( me too mostly) while we were over there for our 2 year OE! i am a royalist from way back - i used to keep scrapbooks of Princess Diana from 1981 when she got married - i still remember watching the wedding when i was 7- i had heaps of scrapbooks full of pictures that i had faithfully cut out and glued in of her and her family and especially all her beautiful clothes! I then added Sarah the Duchess of York into my scrapbooks when she joined the family in 1986. When Diana died in 2007- my lovely mate drove all over CHCH to get me all the NZ papers that covered the death so that i could keep them ( lovely mate who i ended up marrying!) So anyhoo- a quick drive to Nana's to borrow some lacey tablecloths and some proper china teacups and saucers, a quick trip to the $2 shop to grab some tiara's and hats and bunting and cups and plates etc and a quick spruce up at home and then an hour or 2 in the kitchen making sausage rolls, cupcakes, pikelets with jam and clotted cream, some egg and cress sandwiches and ham sandwiches etc and we were all set! It was fun getting dressed up and tea really does taste better when you have it in the pot and have to strain it and in proper china! Here are some photos of the day....

getting set up

some bunting

High tea

The Mad Hatter

Four Princesses

Tea Party Fun

Lucy being a Goose

So cute

Miss Hollie

Ella Bella



Off to get ready for tomorrow- a day cropping with friends... hooray!

Have a great day tomorrow however you celebrate it!



Rochelle said...

Wow it all looks so cool Francine, so glad you guys had a fun afternoon! :) Love Zoe's dress, so pretty although all the girls look like lovely princesses!

Today for Tomorrow said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate. The girls will certainly remember the occasion. They really are your princesses.

Hilary said...

OMGoodness you put the rest of us slack mums to shame (or maybe it's just me who's slack). But wow I love all the effort you put into your High Tea celebrating the Diamond Jubilee - good on you! (Ok, do you think being mum to one autistic boy lets me off the hook? LOL)

Megan said...

Good on you for putting all that effort in - me the royalist did'nt even think about it! We might have to swap scrapbooks lol!