Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Hey everyone,

Well we woke up this morning to a fine layer of snow and then about 7.30am it really started to snow hard! The kids were wrapped as it meant no school or preschool today and lots of fun in the snow! Once suitably wrapped up it was straight out to play in the snow despite the heavy snow still coming down!! Ella and Lucy were the most keen and made a snow man on the front lawn and are waiting for dad to get off the phone to go and help them so that they can make a family of snowmen - ie 6!! Here are some shots so far... its supposed to snow heavily all day so there may be more photo opportunities later!


Vicki said...

Its great isn't it. Just got text from Aaron to pick him up from school as its closing at 10 so he is very happy. LOL Enjoy your day.

Rochelle said...

So beautiful out there, it's coming down so heavy! Grace is hanging out to get out and play in it :) No photos showing up on your blog.

Rochelle said...
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