Saturday, June 16, 2012

Choir Success, Mid Winter Xmas and All Black Supporters

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share some photo highlights of our week so far! Last night Simon, Jo and i went to a special evening at the local high school that was hosted by Jason Gunn, and featured the wonderful Ian Grant who is probably the leading parenting expert in NZ. He was formerly the chief of Parents Inc and has now set up a new group of which he is head called Fathers Who Dare Win- obviously about being a better dad which was what he was talking about last night. Interspersed in the programme between these funny speakers was some choir performances - featuring the local Branston Intermediate and our very own South Hornby School choir. We were all very excited to see them perform as Zoe has been practising hard for this event and was quite nervous beforehand!

Well , we were pretty stunned actually as to how wonderful they were- obviously i am a little biased but they were so professional! Zoe's teacher who is the head of the choir sat off the stage and played his guitar and left them to it! There was no direction from him at all-  they were so brilliant. They had no word sheets and knew all three songs off by heart and all the dance moves that accompanied the songs ! They had a speaker at the start that welcomed us and told us what they were going to perform and one at the end to thank us for being such a great audience! To say that i was proud was a big understatement - i was soo impressed! They put the intermediate school to shame who were all sloppily dressed - none of them in matching uniform at all!- and who just stood and sang off word sheets- BORING! HAHA!

Here is a short video of one of their songs... they did she's a mod - which i like the best - you can count on me and listen to the music- all were great though!

We have been busy preparing for our annual Mid Winter Xmas party that we are hosting at our place this year! We swap round with Jo- so today we have been hanging tinsel- putting up Xmas lights inside and the Xmas tree which the girls just love! We have a full menu and Xmas crackers on the night naturally and the flaming Xmas pudding as the finale! Should be great fun next Sat nite!

Simon was beaming with pride tonight as Ella announced that she would quite like to go with dad to watch the All Blacks vs Ireland game tonight at Uncle Glyns house! She got all dressed up in her All Blacks gear and headed off with dad! So cute!

I did manage to get a layout completed yesterday and started another with some older Melody papers from Prima so will share that with you all in the next few days!

Have a great night and Go the AllBlacks!!


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