Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly Round Up in Photos

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that it has been so long since i have blogged but i have been pretty busy this week with school activities and preschool activities and hospital visits and Simon being away in Auckland for the week. It has been manic! It just means that by the time i get the girls into bed all i want to do is get in bed myself! By Friday i was knackered and didn't even go to my usual crop night as i was just too tired!

Anyhoo here are alot of photos of the week - the highlights being the girls school cross country - Lucy did amazingly well and was the 2nd girl on her race and Ella was awesome and came in the top third of her middle syndicate and Zoe - well she finished in almost her best time of 17minutes- Ella and Zoe's races were sooo long i couldn't believe it - i couldn't run that far thats for sure!

On Friday Lucy had her check up appt at the hospital for her grommets and everything is AOK which is great! So we went and spent the rest of the day at her old Preschool so that she could see all her friends and catch up with her favourite teacher. She had an absolute ball - it was so lovely to see her running around and having so much fun- school is pretty full on and very structured - its a shame that they can't have more play and fun time as well! We did skipping and after lunch they had their "adventure" where Raylene tells them a story and they have to act it out and usually they have to build something - this time they decided to go to Santa land and they built a sleigh (All by themselves i might add - using the playground equipment - with seats and reins and even reindeer!) I just love our preschool ! Before we got there they had made cupcakes and decorated them with lollies and marshmallows etc for morning tea! I do some admin work for them on Wednesdays after i have helped out at Lucy's school for storytime!

Anyways here  are some photos- sorry scrappy friends just photos today but will share some more of the layouts that i was talking about last week (oops) in the next few days!

Ready to go- it was so funny that some of them assumed the racing position - they had obviously seen this done as they have been learning about the Olympics!

Lucy going strong

Lucy still going well

Middle school and Ella starts.....

Ella into the finish shoot as Chariots of Fire blares out on the sound system - very moving!

Zoe and Cathryn bringing up the rear section!!!

Never too old for a ride!

Straight to the artwork at Preschool

Lucy and her teacher Raylene- an angel!

Love the facial expressions!

Abit of carpentry!

Lucy, Shanee and Shiloh - her 2 best friends - both off to school in the next couple of weeks!

Hollie's fav activity on the bikes!

The Santa Sleigh

Lucy was allowed to be the driver!

Evans Family Rockband!


Mac having a sleep while all the noise is in Simon's mancave outside - rockbanding!

Paint marks on the bathroom wall - easy to pick the culprit by the size of the marks that had to clean it off (ZOE)

Ella's scrapbook page done today

Lucy's scrapbook page done today!

Have a great week- back soon with some scrapbooking to share



Rochelle said...

Wow what a busy week, no wonder there was no energy left for scrapping on Friday night :) Loving the girls creative efforts, just fab!

Simon said...

Just what I needed today my love. Love love love you (-:

Simon said...

Oh and Rock on my little rockers!!!!!

Today for Tomorrow said...

Super cool photos of a super cool family. WOW - a hugely busy week - I am exhausted just reading your blog (lol). The girls are rocking with their layouts too.