Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One of those days......

My life at the moment seems to lurch from one disaster to another - this morning was another example.... up at 5.30am - no food for lunches and no money till Thursday...mmmmm.... so i make cupcakes with Hollie for the girls lunches.... Ella decides she doesn't like cupcakes and wants chocolate muffins....mmmm... still only 7.30am - yip - we will have time to make some.... cupcakes and muffins made .....8.20am Zoe still in bed groaning under the covers .... C'mon Zoe GET UP!!!!!

8.50am We finally get out the door all packed - dressed- hockey gear, spelling notebooks, glasses, reading  folders, reading books, library books- 3 of them have their hair done- 1 does not....

8.52am - car refuses  to start - flat battery again - Only got it recharged on Thursday!

Quick phone call to Wendy a friend round the corner - can i borrow your car to get the girls to school and preschool? We walked last week when the car broke down and were late - i  thought i hjad better ensure that doesn't happen again! Wendy was a darling and dropped the car round.

9.00am - kids dropped off to school- now don't laugh- can't find the reverse in Wendy's car- it just won't go in!!!! Trapped and can't get out! Wait 10 minutes for the car  infront of me to move so that i can drive forward to get out!!

9.20am - Drop Hollie at  preschool- can't reverse !!! Manage to get Lauren to help get it into reverse- you have to pull the gear stick up and move it across- NEVER had that before!! Car goes!!

9.30am - Drop Car back at Wendy's

9.32am run home and jump on my pushbike to get back to school as its my turn for parent help at storytime - supposed to be there at 9.30- only 5 minutes late!!

10.40am - back at home and discover Simon is not infact flying into CHCH from Wellington this morning at 10am but infact 10pm tonight - which means that i will miss my scrapbooking night tonight at a dear friends place - yet again!! GRRRRR!

11.30am AA man comes and gets the car started for me for the second time in less than a week....

So now i can quickly have lunch before

1pm- Preschool Committee meeting at Public Library
2pm- Admin work at preschool
Collect Hollie and girls from school before

3.30pm Lucy - Ballet
3.30pm Ella - Hip Hop
4.15-5pm- Zoe Drama.

I think that it will be fish and chips for tea tonight!! Some days it just seems to border on the edge of a chaos on the edge of a black hole!!

Still the sun is shining and i have had a sit down to write this- off to whirl into the rest of my day-

Hope your day is calmer than mine!



Vicki said...

Oops sorry I laughed!!! LOL. Some days are like that - roll on the fish and chip tea.

Rochelle said...

Oh dear Francine, you have had a time of it! *hug* Hope tomorrow is a better day, but gosh knows I think we all have days like that so you're not alone :) Will miss you tonight but catch up really soon xo

Simon said...

Ah yes...another classic day in the Evans household...where would we be without you my love xxxxxx

Megan said...

OMG you make me (for a split second!) pleased not to have four children. Heavens what a day - don't think Ive ever had a day like that touch wood. Heres to today being an awesome day! :)