Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lucy - Such a sweetie

Hi again,

Just a quick share today of another layout that i did at the Crop Day on Saturday. This one features Miss Lucy- who at 5 can be a delight and a challenge within 5 minutes! She can be such a sweetheart- very cuddly and adorable and so helpful- she would share anything with anyone and is always drawing me beautiful pictures and bringing me flowers but if she doesn't get what she wants sometimes she can throw a right tanty but comes right pretty fast. I get frustrated sometimes that some people are quick to judge her as a tough nut - she can be but that is only one side of her personality and most of the time she is the sweetest girl you could imagine! She is doing really well at school and loving it which is great news after telling me adamently that she was NOT going to go to school and Hollie could go instead! Today they had Science Alive visit her school and do a programme about space and the planets ( to tie in with the theme of space that all the school is doing this term). I was amazed at what she could remember that they learnt and could tell me about what they made . She knew that Mercury was closest to the sun and what things that they would need to take in the rocket- special food and all sorts of interseting facts. Its amazing that they really are like little sponges and absorb so much! Tomorrow they go into the Star Lab and learn about stars and telescopes and so on which sounds really cool!

Anyhoo this is a layout using the gorgeous SunKiss range from Prima- i went abit crazy over this line as i loved all the yellow and blues together and all the sunflowers - so different to anything else out there at the moment! Once again i based this layout on a sketch from Mistra's sketch blog !

Miss Lucy

So .. off to bed i go - thanks for the lovely comments on my last post- it makes my day!


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Today for Tomorrow said...

Gorgeous layout. Love the Prima Sun kissed collection too.