Sunday, May 6, 2012

Doctors and Ballet!


THE good news is that i have been scrapbooking on Friday night and completed three pages that i am happy with and started another. But - no photos to share yet so that will have to wait till tomorrow! I did want to share some recent photos of the girls that have made me smile this week - they will be scrapped in the near future too! As you may remember Lucy had her second lot of grommets put in last month so there was lots of hospital play and operations for awhile which was really cute. Also Lucy started ballet lessons this week and absolutley loved it! They were all really cute in the class and so enthusiastic- my favourite part was when they were doing crocodile leaps- and they had to actually leap over toy crocodiles!! Here are some photos.....

poor old Harry- he has been well loved!!

so excited to be 5 and able to start ballet!

Zoe at the cupcake collection- time with mum

lucy's turn with morning tea out with mum!

Back soon with some new pages to share- enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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Today for Tomorrow said...

Cute photos. Looking fwd to seeing them scrapped.