Thursday, April 5, 2012

weekly Round up and getting ready for Easter

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are all set for the Easter Bunny and the Easter holiday starting tomorrow. There has been alot of excitement and anticipation in our household and alot of activities to get ready for  Easter Sunday!! Lucy and Hollie and I went to Jo's today to make hot cross buns and some salt dough and the kids had a great time- we did one lot by hand and one in the bread mixer!! Lots of photos coming up- Hollie and Callum are so cute together - they see each other most days- Callum called in yesterday after kindy to see Hollie- Jo had already explained that Hollie was at preschool - but he wanted to come and check to make sure- he had the sweetest look of disappointment that mum had been right!! Today when we caught up they didn't stop hugging each other for about 5 minutes and Jo showed me Callum's chalk drawings- there was Callum and Mum and Dad, Granny and Auntie Pip and Hollie- she rates right up there as one of his favourite people- and the feeling is mutual!!
Hollie and her best mate Callum

Mixing in the bread maker

Lucy and i did ours by hand


Ready to go

Tada- the finished product

Taste test verdict YUM!

Of course while we were waiting for the dough to rise there was time to go to the park and have a play! On the way we saw the green rubbish truck!! Hollie just LOVES the rubbish truck and everytime we see one is sooo excited- she even wanted a rubbish truck cake for her birthday last week!!! (too hard for mum that one!) So you can imagine the excitement one day that we saw 7 rubbish trucks all in a row going to the dump- !! It is so funny the things that they get so excited about!

Lucy buried in teh autumn leaves

everyone had to have a go!!

It was the most gorgeous and sunny and warm autumn day today so it was lovely to be outside and having fun! we have had a busy week so here are some more photos of our week's highlights!

Painting day

Zoe painting her beloved stilts

Lucy started the painting doing a bed for her rabbit

Typical Ella leans over and gets her hand stuck in the paint pot!!!

Having fun at the Bike Park on Sunday

Callum was there too!

These 2 are just 2 cute

Let me drive!!

Scooter girl!
I am looking forward to the next few days as i can finally get some cropping done- nothing done for over 2 weeks now so tomorrow from 3pm- 11pm at my Happy Scrappers crop night and then all day on Saturday at a friends house!! Can't wait- so should have lots to share coming soon!!

Have a great Easter break!



Today for Tomorrow said...

What a busy week for a lovely creative group of people. Gorgeous pics. Have a lovely Easter and holidays. Happy Scrapping. Looking fwd to seeing your creations. Super photos to work with.

Hilary said...

What fabulous photos - just perfect for scrapbooking! Have a great Easter :-)

Francine said...

see you soon to have a peek at those new collections!