Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucy- the big one- Number 5!!

Hi Eveyone,

Gosh has it really been a week since i have blogged?? Time has just flown by and school holidays are almost over- i have mixed feelings about that as my little Lucy will be off to school with her 2 big sisters on Monday! I am so sad that she is going- i know that she will be absolutely fine but i will really miss her company! This last term especially has been lovely having time with Lucy and Hollie on Tuesdays and Thursdays . We go to playgroup and Mainly Music and visit Jo and Callum and go on little trips with them- so it will be funny to just have Hollie at home now!

School holidays have been super busy- so as usual not much scrapping has been done- i  did manage to get to a good friends house last night and 4 of us had  a catch up and a crop- and i got a layout done- and a half one!! So will have that to share soon.

Just really wanted to share some photos of Lucy's big day on Saturday for family - so if you are a scrapbooker - nothing to share for you today sorry- but you will see some of these photos scrapped very soon!!

We try to really spoil the girls when they turn 5- as its such a significant number and the start of a whole new phase of their lives!! I bought Lucy lots of art supplies to encourage her to keep going with her lovely drawings and paintings- a huge art set- some canvasses and paints- sketch books and so on... A DVD, a walking barking dog that she wanted and some geleez- (colour them in and they stick on windows etc) and of course some school supplies a new bag and lunchbox etc... Over the day she was very spoiled by family and got lots of lovely clothes and things...

At 1pm we had all her special friends come along for the party- we decided to have some games and the food at our house before we went to Chipmunks for them to have a big play which worked out quite well Luckily we still have 2 people movers as we had 13 kids come along for the afternoon! They had a great time and we were there till they booted us out at 5pm. The only downer was that they wouldn't let us take the cake in - so we never got to have the cake - but i took it to preschool on Monday for her party there!!
Okay so here are the photos!!

Opening the pressies

Straight into the geleez

all ready for school next week!

Lucy's idea of heaven- a rainbow of colours to colour in with

Hollie trying to claim the dog

Dad getting a makeover with the new make up

rainbow hair at the party

the super dooper straws were a big hit at the party

all the gang!

on the big bouncy castle slide at Chipmunks

shanee and Lucy collecting balls for the cannons

Me and Lucy - ready for bed after a long day!

MIss 5

The Rainbow cake

Graduating from preschool with official gown and cap!!

Well best be off to bed- i am off to Nelson for the weekend for my mums 60th- so should be fun to catch up with my mum and sisters and to catch up with my dad. Just me going this time so Simon will do a great job with the girls while i am away!

Back soon



Vicki said...

What a special day - happy birthday Lucy. Bet she is so excited for Monday. Enjoy your weekend away.

Hilary said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful day - fabulous photos! Happy Birthday to your sweet Lucy, I hope she enjoys starting school.