Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy 60th Mum and Lucy's first day of school!!

Hi Everyone,

I am just getting to grips with this new blogger set up - so hopefully this will publish as normal and look okay! Its always the way - just when i start to get the hang of something they go and change it!

Lots of photos to share with you today... I went up to Nelson for my mum's 60th birthday in the weekend- it was lovely to spend some quality time with her and for once not be mum running around after my girls but just be the daughter and me!! We had a lovely meal with my 2 sisters on Friday night and then on Saturday morning mum and I went to the WOW- Museum- The World of Wearable Art - you may remember me saying that i had taken the girls to the Canterbury Museum to see the exhibition there a couple of times- the clothes and designs are absolutely amazing! Well i have always wanted to go to the museum and it was stunning as i imagined- no photos allowed though so i will repost some video footage so you know what i mean! I am very excited to say that i am going to the 2012 show in Wellington in October- i am soooo looking forward to it!!

Anyhoo- the party was at mum's house and it was a really lovely evening- just the right amount of people and the right mix of people. The best part was seeing mum so smiley and happy and really confident- she had a really great time- it was hard to tell at times that she had dementia! It was nice to see some of my mum's family that i rarely see- and some of her old friends - and to meet some of her church ladies that are just so wonderful to mum. I spent almost an hour talking to one who just loves mum and really looks after her interests - she is so caring and lovely and i am so grateful that mum has her as a friend- it helps too that she has had a friend with dementia before so she knows all about it and is a great help to mum. It was a really lovely night. Just a few photos to share- my favourite is one of my mum and dad who are still the best of friends...

My mum and dad

My mum and youngest sister

mum in the red

Mum and I

I did manage to get some photos of mum with me and my 2 sisters but not allowed to share those - as my sister has a sensitive job !!

It was nice to be back home though and see the girls- and Simon- i am so proud of my little family and so  happy to have them- you forget about the unconditional love that you receive from you immediate family and the security that it brings!

Today was a big day- the first day of school term number 2  and Lucy was off to school- will update that later once i have the photos uploaded! She was thankfully very excited about going toi school and was up and dressed and ready to go at 7.30am! She was very excited and just wanted to get there and get started! I have to confess that i was sadder than she was- she was absolutely f ine - i had a few tears in the eyes as i walked out the door! Its going to be hard to ket her go- i will really miss her company as will Hollie!

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