Thursday, April 26, 2012

ANZAC Day 2012

Hi Everyone,

Sorry the time just got away with me last night and i was too tired to blog properly about ANZAC day- so here are some photos of the day. Ella had a sleepover at Brownies and went to the early service at 6am- Zoe had a sleepover for Cub Scouts too but her march was at 10am so i went along to that one at Templeton. I hadn't been to an ANZAC day service for a number of years so i felt that it was time to go again and i am glad that i did. It is always a moving ceremony and the last post gets me everytime! Zoe looked very smart in her uniform and later that night had plenty of questions about Anzac Day and the world wars so it was nice to talk with her about it. Kids see every thing in Black and white don't they- i was trying to explain why it all started (WW1) and she very succinctly said  " why did they have to have to fight why didn't they just talk about  it?" Mmmm- if only it were that easy and people were willing to just listen! Then the inevitable questions like " What would happen if there was a war now?" Lots of things to consider.. i promised her that i would  dig out my photos of Gallipoli and of Flanders Feilds when Simon and i visited in 1999 and show her after school. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life to see both these sites and to realise that Adolph Hitler was a runner in the trenches in WW1- i can't remember the exact numbers now but apparently the mortality rate of these runners was something like 90%- imagine if he had been killed - would there have been a WW2?

Anyhoo-  here are some photos of Zoe at the parade

and the last post

i promise to have some scrapbooking to share tomorrow- i haven't been doing much at all - it feels like only every few weeks at the moment- off to a crop night tomorrow so will have some new layouts to show then!


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