Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Simon's latest crazy scheme!!

Simon always has some crazy scheme that he is working on - so i couldn't resist putting this photo on my blog- yes this one will definitely be scrapped too!

rub a dub dub- 4 in the tub!

He bought this old fashioned claw foot bath for the garden- he has all  sorts of plans like buiding a raised deck for it- using the old bbq burner to heat it underneath with paving stones or something!! At the moment it sits in the garden and gets filled first by hose and then hot water in buckets- as you can imagine the girls love it and have had a bth outside the last few days!!

Just packing up my scrap stuff ready for the retreat in 2 days time- i have all my photos and kits ready - now just have to pack everything and not leave anything important behind!!


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