Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Little Moshi Monsters- and getting ready for School

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share a couple of layouts that i have done over the last few weeks about Zoe and Ella and their addiction to the Moshi Monster computer game. They came home last year from school with the web address from a friend and quickly joined up- even i had to admit that the idea of adopting a monster - that you create and then look after is bound to appeal to young girls right! So then you add in cute games and pets for the monsters and now you can buy the cards and the collectible toys from the Warehouse and suddenly it has blown into a huge deal! For a fair few weeks now all they want to do is play moshi monsters and check that their pets are happy and fed- some days in the weekends they are sat side by side playing on the 2 computers! ( We do limit their computer time incidentally!!) So it seemed only fitting that this craze was documented in my scrapbooking!

The first layout is one that i did of Ella playing Moshi Monsters using some old papers that i just knew that i would use one day!!  tThe second is a scraplift from Kerryn Lawson of Zoe and Ella playing. I love Kerryn's work especially her boy type layouts that i am not so good at - so hence the scraplift to try and get me going!

whoops just need to add journalling!

I am enjoying doing some non flowery layouts too - especially ones that tell a story! This year i have tried to do journalling on EVERY page even if the journalling is hidden! So far so good!

Okay the rest of this post is about Lucy and her starting school soon- so if you aren't family then this may be abit boring and feel free to skip this part! This blog is for me to record things too - that i will later scrapbook once i get the photos done- so excuse the spouting!

 Lucy had her first school visit today and it went well thank goodness! For ages now she has been telling anyone that will ask her about school that she isn't going - that she doesn't want to go and the funniest- " i don't need to go cos i already know how to write my name!" So it was with a little trepidation that i took her to school this morning for her first visit! I think that she was sooo relieved when she saw the clasroom and there was lots of art work adorning the walls and hanging from the ceiling- Lucy is very artistic and creative and spends hours at preschool drawing and painting and has quite an eye for art! She met one of her preschool buddies there that started school a few weeks ago and set off chasing him round the playground!! Both her sisters came and visited her at playtime and our next door neighbour so she was quite happy. She was an angel in the classroom and sat on the mat and put up her hand when told to and enjoyed learning about the letter P. She enjoyed doing the colouring in and making a penguin and is looking  forward to going back for another visit next week! I forgot my camera but Raylene from preschool came for the visit too (how cool is that - that the preschool teacher comes too) and she took lots fo photos so ia m just waiting for her to email them through for me and then i can upload them here- very cute!!

Just wanted to share some of the comments that the preschool have made on her end of preschool report! I even have a slide show of her art work and a talk with her teacher next week!

Individual Interests and Discoveries

Lucy has a sustained and focussed interest in producing very skilled and detailed art work. Lucy is highlighting just how intrinsically motivated she is to extend and refine her artistic skills. Lucy wants to share and articulate her pieces of art with her teachers and family and has made substantial gains in incorporating realism into her work, moving from different topics such as rainbows, butterflies and people and houses.

Teachers Voice

i have been amazed at the passion Lucy displays in the process of her artwork. Her head will be down and her goal is to fully transform the whole of the page, colouring in until she is fully finished. It is always necessary when i observe this intense concentration that i give pre warning to Lucy of upcoming routines so she has time  to digest that she has  to stop. Lucy will always return to the task and work throughto completion.

Childs Voice

When asked at grouptime if you could have anything at all in the world, what would you most want and Lucy replied

"I would want all the colouring in books and felts!"


Lucy's time at the centre is drawing to a close but i am confident with the skills she possesses and has gained that this will be a smooth transition for her. The learning strategies that she applies, such as task persistence, use of resources, being responsible and her independent manner means school related activities will be extremely manageable. She will leave her knowing that her strength is in the arts, which gives her a positive self concept about being a capable and competent learner.

I think too that she will just be a little sponge and soak it all up- she already knows most of the alphabet and the sounds after we started learning them a few weeks ago and has started to learn to write all our names and objects already!! I just hope that they still encourage her creativity and let her be an individual as well!

If you have made it this far- well done and thank you!!

Have a good one- off to wrap presents for Hollie's 3rd birthday tomorrow- better charge up that camera- off to dancing in the morning followed by lunch at McDonalds with Callum and Jo and then a party tea tomorrow night, followed by a preschool dress up day and party at preschool on Friday. So 2 cakes to make tomorrow and heaps of stuff to do!

Back soon with photos and things to share


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