Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Hollie- 3 today!!

Hi everyone,

So i want to warn you that this will be a very photo heavy post first of all !! But i hope that you will stick with me as we celebrate Miss Hollie's birthday! I can't believe that my baby is 3- only 2 more years and she will be gone off to school!! I am sad that Lucy is going but i am sure that Hollie going will be even worse!!

Anyhoo- Miss Hollie had a brilliant day so she was very tired by the end of it and had started to flag by about 4pm - poor wee thing! She was very good at posing for some photos for me though so that was a bonus- lots to scrap in the future and lots to share now!! We had kind of given her a couple of presents before the big day today as Zoe and Ella and Simon have recently had their birthdays and its hard for the little 2 to understand that its not their turn yet!! So we had given her a bee pillowpet and a little dog that she carries around in a little bag (aka Paris Hilton). We also bought a little Dora kitchen for her from a friend who's daughter had outgrown it - along with a tea set that mum had bought her - she loved it and her and Lucy spent most of the day having a tea party and making up meals and things on it!! Lucy probably loved it even more than Hollie! We also gave her a Wiggles DVD that she was ready to watch about 4pm when she was starting to feel tired! The other big present of the day was a new baby- that she has carried around all day and is even now tucked up in pride of place next to her in bed- usurping the previous favourite baby!!

we headed off to Mainly Music as usual this morning and she was thrilled to be made a fuss of for her birthday- she had to go up the front and everyone sang Happy Birthday and she even got a present!! After that it was home to wait for Jo and Callum to come as we were heading off to "Old McDonalds" as she calls it for lunch!! Callum had only been there once before so was in awe of the playground and the three of them all played happily for a couple of hours- teh appeal is definitely the toys and the playground as the food goes relatively untouched!! We all came home for a play and at 4pm dad and Nana turned up and we had a nice tea and the "3" cake that i had made today and they had all helped to ice and decorate with lollies!!

She has had a lovely day and received lots of lovely clothes and gifts from family and Jo too!! Tomorrow its a Dress Up day in honour of Hollie's birthday and so i take in a cake as well and some party food for all the children to have a birthday morning tea which will be lovely too!! Then we are almost there- the end of the 2012 birthday season is almost over - only Lucy to go with the big one - Number 5!!

Okay so here are some photo highlights of the day- quite a few so hopefully you make it to the bottom!

The tea party

Having fun at Mc Donalds

candid camera

Hollie and Callum- "I love him"

they are so cute!!

planting him with a smacker

the new baby

instant adoration!!

Hollie and baby

Miss 3

Lucy playing with teh Dora set!

Nana and Hollie- starting to hit the wall!

Happy Birthday Hollie!

love you xxx

A full on day and another tomorrow and then hopefully a rest in the weekend!!
Can't believe that Easter is next week and 2 weeks of school holidays!!

Back later with some layouts to share!



Vicki said...

Wow what a day. Happy birthday Hollie. Bet you are looking forward to the holidays now - I know I am. LOL

Today for Tomorrow said...

Happy Birthday Miss Hollie and super cute pics Mum.