Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ella's 7th Birthday- a 3 day affair

Hi everyone,

It feels like we are in birthday season well and truly now- Ella turns 7 tomorrow on the 5th of March but is having a 3 day celebration!! Yesterday she had her birthday party with her 2 best friends Chelsy and Samantha - today we pretended it was her birthday so that she could open her pressies and have time to play with them - since her birthday is on Monday and she has school and 2 afterschool activities she was worried that she wouldn't have time for birthday fun! Fair enough! So this post is dedicated to DD#2- Ella!!

Here are some lovely photos i managed to snap last week of Ella- she is right at the gap toothed smile stage as she lost her 2 front teeth the week before!

So yesterday with Chelsy and Samantha in tow we headed off to Clip and Climb. None of us had been there before so we were stunned to see it all in action. It was FABuLOUS! Heaps of rock climbs and different climbing walls for the kids to have a go on- the instructors were friendly and brilliant with the kids- after their safety briefing they were off to scale the heights! If you haven't been before and have kids you should GO!! Here are some shots of the climbs and Ella who had no fear was the best of our family- staright to the top of everything along with Chelsy and Samantha who had been before and knew the drill! Lucy took half an hour or so to get into it properly but by the end had climbed to the top of one wall and had a good go at the others! They are pretty high so quite daunting to start with! So next time Lucy would be set from the word go now that she knows what she is doing! Hollie stayed on the ground and had fun running around and looking at everything! Zoe was a no go - she was too scared to climb higher than a  metre off the ground!

love this photo!!

some of the climbing walls

a few more

leap of faith at the front where you jump off the top and swing onn the trapeze

Ella's first wall

Lucy having a try

Spiderman 2

climbing up - quite high above the mans head and more to climb!

Lucy reaches the top for the first time

What a fabulous place- the kids LOVED it and it was pretty busy- lots of brithday parties etc there on a Saturday! On the other side is the adult one which is pretty serious walls and ledges and overhangs and even taller- that was packed out woth lots of pretty serious looking and intense rock climbers!!

After that it was home to have the cupcakes we had made that morning- the girls had a ball decorating the cupcakes with sprinkles and lollies and edible glitterpens- these are some of their creations- it was a cupcake tower rather than a cake this year for ELla!

Zoe's creations

Ella's birthday cake!

Happy Birthday beautiful girl

So she was a happy girl today with all her pressies- we bought her a saftey box with a keppad to hide all her treasures in (suitably pink and sparkly) a doorbell for her room ( so that people have to ring the doorbell before they are allowed in)- a Roald Dahl book, Mr Poppers Penguins DVD, a new soft toy bunny with the big eyes that all the girls are collecting, a computer game from dad, and a Lava lamp that she has wanted for ages. Her friends bought her trashies- (collectibles of little rubbish bins with little trashie monsters inside) and a pillowpet for her bed amongst other little treats! So she was pretty lucky too!

Tomorrow on her actual birthday we will have a nice dinner with chicken curry and naan bread and then Pavlova for dessert - her fav- and NAna is coming for tea and Granny is coming downto say hello in the weekend! So that will be 2 down - 3 birthdays to go....... SImon next on the 16th, Hollie on the 29th March and Lucy on the 14th April- the big one #5!!!

I have managed to get some scrapbooking done this week too- i went to Scrappin Patch on Friday night and managed to get almost 4 pages done- lots of old photos and old papers once again- will share some in the next few days...

Have a great rest of the weekend


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