Monday, February 27, 2012

Zoe's Birthday Bash- what a weekend!!

Hi Folks,

the birthday girl
 Lots to share today so i think that i will focus on the main event for todays post which was Zoe's 9th birthday on Saturday. We were so lucky that it was such a beautiful day- blue skies and sunny warm weather so we were off to Jelly park for the afternoon!! First up though was the birthday girl at 7.30am which wasn't too bad to open her presents. We do tend to spoil our girls quite alot on thier birthdays - more so than Xmas as their birthday is all about THEM!! It's their special day so they deserve to be spoilt rotten!

 This year Zoe is still inot all the crafty stuiff so the big new thing is Gelez- which are colouring gels that you put on special shapes and when dry you can stick them on the windows etc- so i bought her a starter set of those... Simon bought her a handheld computer console that has 100 games for her to play in the car when she gets stressed with people making noise!! Lucy bought her a cute big eyed dog for her collection- they are all collecting them- have to do a scrapbook page about those toys!! She also got a Narnia DVD to complete her collection and a Roald Dahl book to complete her collection too! Ella bought her a diary that you have to colour in the front and add sequins etc which was very cool. Over the day she also accumulated $80 from Nana and Granny, Glyn and Val and JOhn and Linda- so she went shopping with some of it and bought some more Gelez!!

 By lunchtime the guests had arrived and the party guests ready for action at Jelly Park- here are some nice shots i got of Zoe at the lunch with her favourite SUSHI made by dad and some tiple decker sammies!

Then it was off with 2 carloads of kids for an action packed time at Jelly park. It was a perfect day and they had an absolute ball in the pools and having a turn on all the hydroslides both outside ones and the indoor one too. It was great that Uncle Ian and Uncle John ( my uncles) came too and played around with the girls in the pools especially Hollie who was too little to go the hydroslides with the rest of the grown ups who were supervising the rest! We had some yummy treats  at the pool too and it was hard work trying to drag them all out so that we could get home for the parents to come and pick them up - they could have quite happily stayed in there for hours longer!!

just how dad likes it surrounded by girls!

the outside hydroslides- the fast ones are awesome!!

birthday girl

Lucy having her first turn on a hydroslide!!
After that it was a quick trip home for some cake and some playtime and photos before hometime!

Dad did an awesome job of the cake

Zoe and friends

With best mate Cathryn and new mate Hope

Happy and content after a day of fun!!

Zoe  had an awesome day and once the little ones were in bed got to stay up and have pizza and treats with all the grown ups- mum and dad, a sister and partner and 2 Uncles and wives!! They all slept well that night!!

Next weekend its Ella's turn for her birthday party- she will be 7!!

More to share in a few days....including some scrapbooking pages!


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