Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy- photo heavy post!

Hello dear readers - hopefully a few of you!

 Life has been busy here as usual as the girls settle back into school and preschool and i seem to be busier than ever! Zoe is loving her new teacher and being back into a busy and strucured environment- Lucy loves being back at preschool with all her friends and Hollie is having a ball at preschool and being a big girl with Lucy on the big side of preschool! Only Ella is less than impressed with school as she says it so boring - : all you do is reading and work and there is no fun - only at breaktime and lunchtime' i said you must do some fun things - "sometimes but mostly its just boring" i explained to her that she still had lots of school to go yet till she could leave- she said how much - i said she had 10 more years till she was allowed to leave - the look on her face was priceless!! She does very well at school so maybe she is bored because its too easy so i might have a word to her teacher about that!

This year Lucy only goes to preschool 3 days a week and is home with me and Hollie for 2 full days so it has been really nice to spend some more quality time with her - especially since she will soon be at school! we have been doing lots of activities together the 3 of us - we have been to dancing and playgroup and been on playdates with our friends - even just going to the playground is fun and an adventure to them! Here is a round up of  our recent weeks

at the elephant park

having fun with Callum - Hollie's BFF

another big slide kept them happy for ages

awesome flying fox

Blokes who bake- yummy zucchini cake and choc bikkies

Hollie sampling a bikkie

On Sunday night we took the three big girls to the annual Classical Parks at Hagley Park. It was nice to finally be able to do that - nana very kindly looked after Hollie so that we could both go with the girls. They loved it - especially the fireworks naturally - Zoe was old enough to appreciate the music and the singing and dancing onstage- she liked the brass band the best and now wants to learn how to play the trombone!! The other 2 girls were more interested in the food and glowstcks and running round whihc was fine too! They lasted very well especially Lucy who  usually crashes at 7pm so she did well to get to 11.30pm by the time we got home! I managed to finally work out the best setting on my camera to capture the fireworks - still not great but a start in the right direction!
All ready to go

Zoe all rugged up

So a great weekend all in all - hope  that you had a great Waitangi weekend too- i managed to get some great shots of Hollie the other day so will share those with you in the next few days- she is getting so big and i can't believe that she will be 3 in a months time! also some scrap related pages coming up!



Today for Tomorrow said...

Yes I am keeping up to date. You are making the most of your precious time with pre-schoolers and having fun, fun, fun in the weekends. Great to see. Look fwd to seeing your pages too.

Francine said...

I have to say that i am loving seeing all your beautiful creations on your bog - i LOVED the little tissue box house that you made - it had me sighing in rapture- i even showed my husband !! Are you planning on coming to the Scrappin Patch retreat? i hope that i can catch up with you there in person! Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous work - you are so inspiring!