Saturday, January 7, 2012

Summer fun in 2012!

Hiya everyone - we have been enjoying all the sun and having lots of fun with dad while he is off from work - there has been lots of swimming in the pool - a 14km bike ride one day - some canoeing and trips to the Groynes and to Timaru for the Caroline Bay carnival- - here are some recent photos  for you family members to like to see!!!

ella and lucy with their hair straightened! they look so different!

practising for the big canoe ride in our pool

fun in the pool

Caroline Bay carnival

Nana came along for the ride and some sun!

you have to have candyfloss!

the girls loved having a paddle in the paddling pools

Hollie and Callum having fun at the Groynes

Bowen and DaD with the girls in the waka

Hollie and her friend the goose
So we have been having lots of fun in the sun!

I have been trying to clear out my scrap room and start the New Year afresh - so i have sorted out all my papers and cleared out all the part used papers and scraps to give to a friend and all the papers that i bought when i first started scrapping almost 5 years ago that i haven't used and most likely never will now as its definitely not my style! So they will go on Trade Me and hopefully give me some money to buy things that i like from the upcoming CHA in the States. i have to say that the Prima sneak peeks haven't done much for me which is great news as that will save me a tonne!

I am really looking forward to having a crop day at a friends house all day next  Wednesday so that i can get lots done- i haven't scrapped for almost a month or more maybe? i have so much that i want to get finished- a box of unfinished stuff- some off the page drawers and desk organiser that i finally want to get done so that my room will be more organised! i do have lots of stuff to show yoou but will wait for another day!

Hope you are enjoying the New Year!



Rochelle said...

Looks like loads of fun in the sun! Way to go you with having a scrappy clear out, must do that here but not seeing it anytime soon :) Enjoy the rest of your holidays! :)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Wonderful photos and great memories. We have generations of photos on the Merry-Go-Round at Caroline Bay - very special. Look forward to seeing how you scrap them. Happy Scrapping on Wednesday.