Thursday, January 19, 2012

A House full of kids

Hi everyone,

This week has been frantic round here- i seem to have had extra kids here every day this week and multiple sleepovers and all the rest of it! It's fun but very busy - the girls love having people over and it helps to keep them occupied but man i am glad that i stopped at 4 - i seem to have had about 8 kids here every day this week!

Zoe made frends with Georgia from over the back fence on Sunday who was staying with her grandparents and they were inseparable for 3 days - Georgia was here all day and they swapped sleepovers. Ella has stayed at Charleys and Chelsy's this week.. Zoe has stayed at Cathyrns and last night i had both Cathryn and Lauren stay over and are here till after lunch! As well as extras that pop in for swims etc in the afternoon! I am not complaining- its all good but very busy - i am looking forward to tonight when i have all my kids home and in bed early to catch up on all the sleep that they have missed!

Simon has been back at work this week which has been abit of a shock to the system for him after 3weeks off over the holidays and then he was off for almost 4 weeks before that when he was so sick! He is all good now though and enjoying the sun and the pool when he can!

Here is another double layout that i did the other week - once again from Nic Howards double page layout class- i am slowly getting through them all! Off to Scrappin Patch tomorrow night hopefully for a crop night - will be good to get back into a regular crop night again!

I just have to do the journalling yet obviously - but was pleased that it came out alright- these aremore older photos that i am pleased to have scrapped - from 2010! Hollie looks so little in these ones!

Off to the dog park with FIR the dog today with all 6 kids in tow this morning... wish me luck!


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vickiparker said...

Its going to be a very quiet house for you when everyone is back at school/kindy then. LOL.