Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year to you all ! I hope that this year is full of happiness and love for everyone- i know that alot of people will be glad to see the back of 2011!

We had a lovely day yesterday - we had a New Years party at our house with our family and closest friends and had a great time. Simon did an amazing job of clearing out the garage and tidying up his man cave! He had the dart board and pool table all set up and the football table. We had WII Rockband on with drums, 2 guitars and a mic and had a great time playing along to the Beatles, Metallica, ACDC, Green Day and a ton of other games! Very cool to see the kids all having a go and usually shy people have a try once they have a few drinks on board!

We had a lolly scramble for the kids and then at about 10pm we had fireworks which were a great hit- Lucy even managed to stay awake for those - but only just - i put her and Hollie to bed after that and they were both asleep in a about a minute! Zoe and Ella managed to last the distance till 12  and then wantedt go to bed- with everyone having kids everyone left just after 12 which is great - as i was sure that Hollie would still wake at her usual time of 5-6am! Luckily for us  she slept till almost 8!!

Just wanted to share my favourite 11 layouts of 2011- i haven't scrapped as much as i would have liked to this year - i just seemed to be incredibly busy and unmotivated so hopefully i will get back into it in 2012 and get some more off the page projects done too!

So in no particular order....

scraplift from Camilla Ekman- my fav layout of the year from her!

Nic Howard Colour class- green

Nic Howard class- purple

Nic Howard class - RED

Okay so thats more than 11 but i am pretty happy with all of these!

Happy New Year!



Rochelle said...

Happy new year to you and your family! Loving all those beautiful layouts, such a clever lady! :) Heres to a creative and less shaky 2012 :)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Happy New Year. Wonderful layouts.