Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a Big Day Out

Hi Everyone,

I have a layout to share this post but will save that till the end!

We had a big day out yesterday- i took Lucy to the Ear Specialist yesterday morning and she does need grommets again so we are on the waiting list at the public hospital for those this time. Hopefully it will get done before she heads off to school in April so that her hearing will not be impacted and therefore her learning too- fingers crossed!

I took all 4 girls into the Botanic Gardens yesterday and to the museum as i wanted to show them the Wearable Art collection from the annual show. It was totally amazing as i expected and the girls were quite enthralled by all the costumes and how they were made and what they were made from. I loved the illuminated costumes which look amazing all lit up in the dark- i will try and post a video of part pf the show from last year- we weren't allowed to take photos of the exhibits  unfortunately. Lucy loved the firebird one and Zoe the wooden marie antoinette dress- ella loved all the bras- especially the one made from 2 real budgies! The original show started in Nelson (my home town) and over the years turned into a world class event. Simon and i went in 2001 and it was one of the most spectaculra things that io have ever seen- the costumes , the music , lighting and drama of it all is amazing! Now of course it is staged in Wellington- the small towns always lose everything! I am working on Simon taking me to this years show- i would love to go! I have promised to take the girls to the WOW museum in nelson when we are next up there in April.

here is a link to see what i mean- stunning-

Montana WOW awards

Anyhoo - the girls loved the museum ans being able to run around and see everything- Lucy was like "ow this is so cool- mum come and look at this!!!!" The most emotional moment was seeing the hearts for Christchurch area where there were thousands of patchwork - quilted hearts from all over New Zealand and the world that were given to CHCH after the earthquakes last year. It was quite moving to see them all there and some had messages of support on them too.

Lucy by part of the Hearts for CHCH

Hollie trying to remove some of  the hearts

the horse is always popular

having a ride on the snowmobile in the Antartica section

The Paua shell house from Bluff- finally got to see it!!

The sexy firemen buskers were fabulous!

Nana, Glyn and Val last night at the Prenzels party

having a cuddle with dad

Prenzels tasting party last night - YUM

Ella with the popsicle band- she won the hat for awesome dancing!
After the museum we cam across some of the buskers in the gardens- every year at this time there is an international buskers festival on in CHCH- so we sat and watch ed a few and the girls really enjoyed it and had a good laugh! The firemen on top of the ladders juggling fire torches were amazing and very funny! The girls got their faces painted and fed the ducks as well and then we went to Macca's for lunch at about 3 pm! We had lost track of time by then - so they had a good play at the playground and were all pretty tired by the time we got home at 5pm! Just in time to tidy up abit before a few people came over for the Prenzels tasting evening at our house. Very yummy schnapps and liquers and icecream toppings and oils and vinagrettes etc- a fun evening!

Today has been just a s full on with 2 girls having a sleepover with Lucy and Ella- they were all very good and in bed and asleep by 9.30pm so i thought that was pretty good! Zoe has gone to stay with Nana for the night which will be good for them to spend some time together one on one. They went out for dinner tonight and are off to the movies tomorrow morning!

As promised - now that you ahe made it to the bottom of this post is a layout that i did recently using Basic Greys Little Black Dress- my last design team work for Scrappin Patch. This was one of our wedding photos from 10 years ago- gosh how time flies-

Our Day 10 years ago 2001.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments- hopefully i can sort out the problems with the comments so that it will be easier for you other lovely readers to leave me some love!


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vickiparker said...

I didn't know about the Wearable Arts at the Museum and love all the coloured hearts. Seems like a visit may be in order. Lovely wedding layout - something I haven't tackled yet.