Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to school....

Well... school holidays are now over and my 2 big girls headed back to school today... Zoe who i usually have to pry out of bed with a crowbar at 8.20am every morning and rush to get to school - was already up and dressed with school bag on at 7.30am when Ella and i got up this morning! She was raring to go and drove me mad asking if it was time to go yet!!! Its nice that she was so excited to get back to school though! Ella was not as excited but i think she will adjust! The little 2 head back to preschool on Wednesday so we have one more day of holidays left tomorrow!

The girls were all very tired tonight- Lucy fell asleep while we were reading stories after her first swimming lesson tonight! She did so well and i was so proud of her. Its a big adjustment for her being in a class and having to follow instructions and to swim! She did so well - she had never swum on her back before and the first time just sunk under the water but by the second try had it sussed right to the end of the pool! The same for retrieving rings from the bottom of the pool- abit lost the first time- but then quite happy to dive right down to the bottom!

 We have been so busy these holidays that they really have just flown by and the girls have been really good- and we have been lucky with the nice sunny weather so we have been doing lots of swimming and having friends over and multiple sleepovers etc etc....We had a nice surprise on Saturday morning when Granny appeared at the door for the weekend from Nelson! So the girls loved having their granny here especially the little 2 who just adore all the cuddles and love! I caught up with both my sisters briefly on Friday - one enroute to Perth for a holiday and the other enroute back to Dunedin. We took them both to Sumner Beach and they were both quite surprised by the damage from the earthquake. i took some photos but not allowed to feature my sisters...

Sumner  Beach

Exploring the rockpools

Both got very wet....surprise

A record for the summer- 8 kids in the pool at one time- excluding Hollie

A familiar sight- these 2 playing FRIV

what happens when your 6 year old cuts dads hair

watching a movie with dad...

Lucy doing her scrapbooking

her art work

My art work

I did the above layout on a crop night on Friday.. this was a layout that Lucy saw in one of my magazines and she loves rainbows and wanted me to make one just like it - it came with the free paper in the magazine so it was easy peasy...i had 2 copies of these free papers so she made her own version as well with the same papers! She has got quite into doing some scrapbooking in the last week - she definitely knows how to fill a page! She often says to me " mum can i do a beautiful picture for you in your  room? awww

Well off to watch some glamour with Simon on TV...


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