Thursday, December 8, 2011

The True Meaning of Christmas

I guess a pretty important part of a December Daily is to try and explain why we celebrate Christmas to my girls. They have bible class at school for a couple of terms a year so are pretty up with the play that it is Jesus' birthday. The three wise men followed the star and found Jesus in the manger in the stable. They then brought him presents of gold, frankinsence and myrrh? So i am assuming that could be part of the explanation for the giving of presents at Christmas. That and the stories of St Nicholas bring ing presents to the poor people.... So they seem to understand all that part.

Then Ella asks was Jesus real mum?
Then it gets to the trickiers stuff for me to answer! Yes - he was a real person- he did live in Israel around 6AD and he did die on the cross- which is when we commemorate Easter when he died. I then explained thaht mum and dad had been to Jerusalem and seen a couple of sites where they think that it may have all happened and that we had visited Bethlehem where he had been born. We showed both Lucy and Ella the photos to show them that this was a real man and in a real place.

As to whether he was the Son of God - that was trickier- trying to explain faith is a hard one! I just left it that some people believe that he was and some people like Shanee who is Jewish at Lucy's preschool don't believe that he was the son of god- adn explained that some people like Shanee celebrate Hannukah instead of Christmas- where they get 8 presents- one for each day! So they would have to decide for themselves when they were abit bigger. They seemed happy enough with that so i left it there!

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