Thursday, December 1, 2011


Things have been quiet around here as both Simon and i have been struck down with a nasty flu virus- you know the kind where you are hot and cold - sweating and shivery- can't get out of bed- blinding headaches- the whole 9 yards. So we have been trying to tag team to look after the girls- when we both feel crappy- so their meals haven't been too healthy this week- we even resorted to calling in for pizza one night because neither of us could drag ourselves out of bed to cook! And showering has been pretty slack too- 3 days- so thankfully i am feeling better today and managed to get the girls off to school and preschool on time! Dinner is done for tonight and the tidying up can begin!! and the girls can have a much needed shower and get their hair washed tonight!

So there hasn't been any scrapping done since Friday last week - although i did stupidly drag myeslf out of bed briefly yesterday to catch up with a firend over from Melbourne and to buy supplies for a December daily album that i want to do this year! So if i am well enough tomorrow i will take that to my crop night and hope to get started on it there!

Anyway i have a layout that i did ages ago that i can share- Zoe's butter wouldn't melt look...

and one of those funny things   that kids say happened today too
The girls were excited this morning as Mia had caught a bird and brought it proudly into the house to show it off- the girls all came running in ..".Mia's got a BIRD mum!!" all run out.....
'Mum, Mia's eating the bird........." "c'mon lets go watch... run out...
Mum- mia;s eating the guts"
wait for it -- Hollie "Bird needs plaster mum!!!"- think it might be abit late for that!
At least none of the girls are squeamish at all- Zoe had to go and look at the carcass in the rubbish bin when she got up too!!! You'd think that they were boys sometimes!


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