Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa party

Then yesterday we had our annual Santa party at our house- we usually have about 30 kids come- it was a great day and Simon managed to get through the Santa part pretty drugged up without coughing- before collapsing back into bed!
Here are some of the highlights- Ella realised it was dad this year- so i explained that Dad is a special Santa helper because the real one is just too busy at this time of year but the real one comes on Xmas Eve- she seemed happy with that and promised not to spoil it for Lucy and Hollie!

meeting Santa at the gate

Some of the kids and Santa

Even Hollie sat on his knee

Still not sure about this guy!

Lucy lou

Just love Ella's expressions!

Have you been good this year? hmmmm

Mum and Santa even!

It was a great day and all the kids had fun and the adults had a good catch up too! Phew once it was over and the tidy up was done- i went and had a rest with Hollie and Simon for an hour!

Only one more Christmas party to go at preschool on Thursday when Santa will make his appearance there! They girls have to dress up as well so Lucy is going as Snow White and Hollie will be a bee naturally!

Merry Christmas

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